Online Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Water rates and accounts receivable

​You can now use Hamilton City Council's Online Services to pay your water rates and accounts receivable online, using a credit or debit card or via POLi internet banking. Click the 'Connect to Online Services' link below to register. You will soon be able to pay your rates accounts through Online Services as well.

Dog registrations

Use our Dogs Online registration and payment system to directly register and renew registration/s for your dog/s online. 

You can also access the Dogs Online system through our general 'Online Serv​ices' feature instead, if you also plan to use Online Services to make other types of online payments to Council as well (such as rates, accounts receivable, LIMs, etc).​ Click the 'Connect to Online Services' link below​ - this will enable you to register using the 'RealMe' feature, then access all online services including the Online Dogs system.

Business registrations

​​Registering a business or renewing an existing registration is now a quick and simple process, using Hamilton City Council's online services. You can use the online service if your business is in one the following categories:

  • A food premises.
  • A business holding or requiring a public place permit.
  • A regulated business (hairdresser, camping ground, funeral director, or an 'offensive trade' such as rubbish disposal).
  • An IQP (independent qualified person).

Choosing to complete the renewal and registration process online means you will no longer have to fill in lots of paperwork, visit the Council's offices, write cheques or mail documents back to us. We will securely store all your details online and each year it will be a simple process to complete your application and pay the fees online.

Other online transactions

If you regularly make other online payments to Council such as requesting LIMs online, you can register for Online Services and request these through your login. This saves you having to enter your contact details every time you request a LIM. Click on 'Connect to Online Services' below to register.

Fees and charges

Find out more about the fees and charges​ relevant to the services you wish to pay for.

To register for Online Services

To maintain the security of your information, just click the 'Connect to Online Services' link below then click on the 'login' button. If you have not already registered for RealMe, you will be prompted to create a RealMe login first (see right hand side of screen). 

Once registered for RealMe, use the Online Services login fields at the left of the screen to type in your username and password. 

RealMe is an easy, secure way to prove who you are online. Everyone who uses our secure online system needs to login with RealMe, register their details with us and then say goodbye to all those paper forms. 

​When you register, please make sure you fill in the account information for your accounts on the second registration page. 

You will only be registered if you have filled in the account details that identify your accounts.

Connect to Online Services ​

Page reviewed: 01 Sep 2016 10:00am