Advanced Electricity Meters

Energy retailers are rolling out Advanced Meters (also commonly called Smart Meters) across Hamilton over the next few years, which can make your life much easier – and save energy and money!   

Here is some brief information on what the new meter means for you. If you have any further questions please contact your energy retailer directly.

What changes will I notice?

Once an Advanced Meter is installed, you’ll say goodbye to estimated readings, estimated bills and visits from meter readers. Your new meter will only need to be checked by your energy retailer for maintenance and possibly for an audit after it is installed. 

Your new Advanced Meter will tell your energy retailer the amount of energy you have used – and this is exactly what you’ll see on your bill.  And if you want, you can still check your own meter reading by looking at the electronic display on your Advanced Meter.  Better still, you will not be charged for the upgrade of your old meter.

When will an Advanced Meter be installed?

Your energy retailer will be in touch with all residential and business customers to you know when your property will have an Advanced Meter installed. So, you’ll receive a letter from them when they’re in your area.

Advanced Meter upgrades will take up to five years to complete for all customers.

The new meters also provide better ways for you to see your energy consumption and allow you to take control of your electricity costs. This information will enable you to make informed decisions about how you use electricity and ways to save on your electricity bill.

So, with Advanced Meter technology, you’ll start getting the following benefits:

  • Monthly actual reads
  • No more meter readers visiting your property
  • Automated actual reads when you move house
  • Disconnection and reconnection services
  • New pricing plans that allow you to have more control of your energy use
  • Energy awareness through in-home or online display of your energy consumption

What you need to do?

Contact your energy retailer and ask them what type of smart meter they will be installing and if it has an in home or online display facility so that you can monitor your consumption.  

For some customers, your energy retailer may need access to your property to install this new meter and will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for this meter upgrade to take place. You will need to turn off all sensitive electrical equipment at the power point before your appointment time.

If you’re a customer who is reliant on a power supply for medical equipment and you have any concerns about this meter upgrade, please contact your energy retailer customer care team. 

Page reviewed: 15 Apr 2016 3:32pm