Make a noise complaint

​ If you wish to make a complaint about excessive noise you can call Noise Control at any time of the day or night. As the volume will have to be assessed, it is important to call when the noise is occurring.

You can contact Hamilton City Council Noise Control on 07 838 6699, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Council Noise Control Officers will investigate, assess the noise level and ensure it is reduced if it is considered excessive under the Resource Management Act 1991. 

A 30-minute stand down period applies between the hours of 7:00am through to 8:00pm. This means that a customer lodging a complaint between these times is asked to phone back after a period of 30 minutes if the noise is continuing. The complaint will then be investigated. However, if during the 30-minute stand down period a complaint from a different household is received in relation to the same noisy address, then the complaint will be investigated even if the 30-minutes has not expired.

The 30-minute stand down approach is based on findings that in many cases the subject noise ceases or is attenuated within 30 minutes after lodging a complaint, and so was introduced to reduce ratepayer costs associated with providing the noise control service. All complaints are still recorded but are not investigated unless the complaint from a different household is received. The normal level of service, where a response is made when a complaint is made, would still apply during the night-time hours in order to provide protection of amenity, particularly for sleep.​

Reporting excessive noise in your area

When you make a complaint, you will be asked the following:
  1. Your details. Note: Your details are not made known to the noisemaker but are for our records.

  2. Details of where the noise is coming from. 

  3. If the noise control officer can make their assessment from your property - this will enable the officer to make a more accurate assessment of the noise as it affects you.

  4. If you want any feedback on the outcome of the investigation, the noise control officer will phone you directly to explain the outcome.

The details of the complaint are forwarded to the security company, who deploy one of their duty noise control officers to the subject address, where the noise control officer assesses the noise and takes the appropriate action.

If the noise starts again after the noise control officer has visited, contact us again and a noise control officer will revisit the address.

If a noise complaint is made about you 

If you are the noise maker and your feel the complaint is unjustified, please contact us to discuss your concerns. ​

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