Hairdressers and other regulated businesses

​General registration information

There are business premises in the community, other than food premises, that have a potential to put public health at risk. These include hairdressers shops, camping grounds, premises used by funeral directors, mortuaries, saleyards and offensive trades. These premises must be registered under the Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966.

These premises are subject to annual registration under the Health Act and are inspected on a regular basis to ensure compliance with legislative requirements relating to each type of business premises.

How to start ​​the registration process

  1. Contact the Hamilton City Council to discuss your requirements with an Environmental Health Officer.
  2. An Environmental Health Officer will carry out an inspection of your premises prior to registration.
  3. Once an Environmental Health Officer confirms that the premises complies with regulations, you can then apply for registration. Your Environmental Health Officer can provide you with the application form, or you can apply online by clicking the relevant link below:

Remember that registration can only be issued once all other legislation has been complied with, such as trade waste consents, building consents etc.

Once a premises is registered by Council, the certificate of registration must be openly displayed in a public part of the premises. If you wish to continue operating, you must renew your certificate annually.

Renewing your Certific​ate of Registration

We will send you a renewal application form before your certificate of registration expires. When you receive it, promptly check the details, complete the form and return it to the Hamilton City Council. Your renewal form will advise on how you can pay for your registration renewal and the applicable fees.

Taking over ​​an existing premises

If you take over an existing premises that is currently registered, you need to fill out the registration form above and pay the change of occupier fee. It is important that you do this as soon as possible after taking over the premises.

​Fees a​​nd Charges

View the full list of Fees and charges​​.

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