My Property

My property allows you to perform searches by road, address, valuation or plan number. 

  • Use the search options to locate the property area and click on the property for more detailed information. 
  • A link will also be provided to our property search database that gives further information on rates and property valuations.​
Click on the image below to open My Property:

NB: Users of iOS 8 devices may notice some features of the webmap application are not functioning correctly. We are aware of this and are working toward a fix. View the issues document (PDF, 89KB).​​


Related Information

Conditions of use

All reasonable efforts are made to ensure the information contained on the My property viewer is accurate, however please note that use of our GIS information is subject to our conditions of use.


Our focused My property GIS viewer is accessible on all platforms. For example iPads, Smartphones, and Android devices.
You do not need to download any add-ons to use it.  If you experience disruptions to the service, please close out of the My property and try again after a few moments.​

If you're having any other trouble using our viewer make sure to check out our Quick Reference Guide.

Contact us

Please email: if:
• You find errors or omissions in the data.
• You experience ongoing technical disruptions.

Please include as much detail as possible in your email, including the function you were attempting to perform, and the location you were searching in, along with your contact details.
For all other queries, compliments or complaints please email:
Note: This email address is monitored Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm only.  Any weekend requests will be responded to on the following Monday.

Other Services

If you have other mapping related needs our Mapping and Graphics Team may be able to assist. Through this user-pays service we can create maps and provide data on request. To make a request or find out more please contact our Mapping Team at: 
Other GIS Mapping functionality will be added to this site when it becomes available.
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