Parking around sports grounds and cycle lanes

​Park Smarter around sports grounds

Park Smarter | Avoid a FineSaturdays and weekday evenings are particularly busy at and near Hamilton's community sports parks, with families, officials and teams converging on the grounds for matches during the sports season.

Through our Play Strategy and the assets we’re responsible for, we encourage and facilitate sports and recreation for our residents – it’s part of our commitment to improving the wellbeing of Hamiltonians. 

We know twilight sports – like touch rugby and business house cricket – and our club and school summer and winter sports are growing in popularity, and that’s putting pressure on the vehicle parking capacity around our parks.

We receive a number of complaints about people parking inconsiderately, blocking footpaths, shared paths, cycle lanes, driveways, and in 'no stopping' areas.

We're urging the city's grassroots sports community – particularly parents, caregivers, coaches and supporters – to be courteous and thoughtful when parking near sports grounds.

During the sports season please:

  • Park safely
  • Watch out for children, people on bikes and on foot
  • Don't park on grass verges, broken yellow lines, traffic islands, or 'no stopping' areas
  • Don't block driveways, footpaths, shared paths or cycle lanes
  • Don't park closer than 6 metres from an intersection
  • Park in cul-de-sacs in a way that allows vehicles to turn
  • Get an adult to get a match ball if it goes on the road

Let's make our roads and footpaths safe and accessible for everyone who uses them.

Our traffic wardens will be patrolling known parking pressure points during the season.

Our aim is to work with you to make our sports season fun and safe for all.​

Page reviewed: 10 Jul 2020 1:02pm