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Special Housing Areas

New expressions of interest

Applications for Special Housing Areas (SHAs) are now open until Friday 15 February 2019.   

Developers and landowners considering applying for a SHA should note that the Government's current deadline for establishing SHAs and lodging a Qualifying Development (QD) consent is 16 September 2019. This means that by 16 September 2019, EOIs must be lodged, assessed and approved by Council and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and the subsequent QD consent application submitted. 

Applicants can request a pre-application meeting so Council staff can discuss a development proposal and its assessment against the SHA Policy, prior to lodgement. Click here for more information on SHA pre-app meetings.

The applicant will be expected in its proposal to:

  • identify a piece of land suitable for residential development:  either greenfield – undeveloped as yet – or brownfield with existing houses or commercial/industrial properties on it but with potential for redevelopment into housing

  • determine what type of housing the land could accommodate and shape a high-level development concept. Consider a range of residential housing typologies such as suburban residential, terraced housing, apartments etc

  • assess how soon development could happen and how it plans to be serviced.

Council doesn't need a detailed development plan to consider approving a SHA  –  the finer detail of developments is determined through the subsequent resource consenting process.  The Council will, in accordance with its SHA Policy, decide at its discretion whether to request public feedback on possible SHAs. Feedback will be reported to Council in subsequently deciding whether to recommend the establishment of a SHA the Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

Click here to view the application form for establishing a SHA  (pdf, 817KB)
Click here to view frequently asked questions about the policy, SHAs and the process from here (pdf, 270KB).

If you have any questions regarding the SHA Policy or submission of proposals, please contact the Economic Growth and Urban Policy Team at:  sha@hcc.govt.nz or phone 07 838 6520 

or email the SHA pre-application form  and supporting documents to preapplications@hcc.govt.nz.

Round 1 SHA applications  update

DevelopmentApplicantMinimum # housesStatus
Te Karearea, Hamilton East​​Housing New Zealand and Tainui Group Holdings Limited 80​​Government approved under development 
Rotokauri northGreen Seed Consultants Ltd1450​​Recommended to the Minister of Housing & Urban Development for decision
Gilbass Ave, Hamilton LakeFosters15Recommended to the Minister of Housing & Urban Development for decision
Eagle Way, Te RapaPorter Group150On hold
​​Te Awa lakes, north HamiltonPerry group1000Recommended to the Minister of Housing & Urban Development for decision
Tawa StreetHabitat for Humanity and the Gallagher Charitable Trust42Withdrawn

Housing Accord

Hamilton has grown faster than predicted in the past two years. In the next five years, Hamilton's population is estimated to continue growing from 161,000 in 2016 to 177,000 in 2021.

Hamilton City Council and the Government signed a Housing Accord on 22 December 2016 as a way to increase housing supply and improve housing affordability in Hamilton. The Accord outlines targets for the number of dwelling and section consents issued in Hamilton for the next three years:  1300 for 2017, 1400 for 2018 and 1500 for 2019.

The nomination of Special Housing Areas (through the policy) is how the Council is able to help increase housing supply and affordability outlined in the Housing Accord.  

Special Housing Areas are defined areas of land in the city that are not currently zoned for housing, which the Council can quickly rezone to enable more houses to be built. 

The Accord will work in conjunction with other strategic planning documents including the National Policy Statement for Urban Development Capacity, the Partly Operative District Plan, Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy and Future Proof Strategy.

Click here to view the Hamilton Housing Accord.

Special Housing Areas Policy

SHAs are proposed areas of land (including sites not currently zoned for residential) in the city that can be put forward for housing development by landowners or developers for consideration by the Council.  

Hamilton City Council's Special Housing Areas Policy was approved on 24 August 2017 and amended on 13 December 2018 to include affordability criteria. Read the SHA policy​. 

If you have any questions regarding the policy please contact the Urban Policy Team at sha@hcc.govt.nz

Affordability requirements

The Council 's definition of affordability is that:

At least 10% of dwellings must be sold at or below 90% of the Hamilton average house value*

​where 'average house value' means the average Hamilton City residential house value for the most recently released June figure published by Quotable Value (www.qv.co.nz).

Other affordability requirements are that the 10% of dwellings must be built on their own exclusive fee simple titled sections and be sold on the open market to a first home buyer. 

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