Highview Properties Limited

A land use resource consent for an Integrated Residential Development has been applied for; which includes the development of 2 detached dwellings, 4 apartment units and 8 duplex dwellings (16 units). All buildings are two-storey at least in part, with varying architectural forms and with a mix of materials  proposed.  All duplex units are four bedrooms, with the apartments being 3 bedrooms and the single detached dwellings being 3 and 4 bedrooms. A ‘Village Green’ consisting of shared greenspace is to be established to face the south eastern boundary, separated by a loop road providing private shared access to every dwelling. The loop is to be constructed as a shared surface, low speed environment. Private refuse management will occur for this site.

Limited Notified Wednesday, 7th June 2017. Submissions closed 4pm Wednesday, 5th July 2017.


Section 92 Further Information

Section 95 Notification Decision

Technical Input


Written Approval of Affected Persons

Hearing Commissioner's Directions

Council's Section 42A Report & Appendices


A hearing date has been set to hear and decide the application by an Independent Commissioner as follows:

  • Date:      Monday 4th September to 5th September 2017
  • Time:      9.00am
  • Venue:   Council Chambers, First Floor, Municipal Building, Garden Place, Hamilton

Applicant's Evidence

Memorandum of Counsel for Submitters

Applicant's Response to Memorandum of Counsel for Submitters

Submitter's Statement of Evidence

Hearing Evidence

Applicant's Legal Rebuttal



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