Te Awa lakes

​Proposed Special Housing Area Te Rapa North (Te Awa Lakes)

Two applications to establish SHAs were submitted for the block of land north of Hutchinson Road, between the Waikato Expressway and the Waikato River. The two applications have since been merged into one. 

You may be aware that the same area of land is currently the subject of a private plan change application. This being Plan Change 2-Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change. While this SHA application relies on a number of the same technical reports as the private plan change, this application for a SHA is independent of the plan change and will be assessed separately. If you would like to read further about the Plan Change click here.

The original two SHA applications were known as Application A and Application B details on these applications as well as the new merged application is provided below. Feedback on the SHA proposals closed on 4 December 2017

Merged Application
The merged application (recieved on 16 March 2018) is proposed to yield at least 1000 residential dwelling units. Click the below link for a copy of the merged plan.

Combined Special Housing Area A and B Plan

The below additional information has been submitted by the applicant since the application went out for feedback:

Housing Economics Letter by RCG
ITA Letter by TDG
Industrial Feasibility Assessment by Essentia Consulting Group Ltd

In addition, the below additional information has become available since the application went out for feedback:
Strategic Considerations Assessment by Berl (jointly commissioned by Hamilton City Council and Future Proof)
Industrial Feasibility peer review by Veros Property Services (commissioned by Hamilton City Council)

Refer to the below documentation including previous information submitted for Area A, Area B and the technical reports for more information on the proposed Special Housing Area. 

Application A
The Application A development is proposed to yield at least 100 residential dwelling units in a mixed use and residential precinct. Alongside the residential component it is proposed there will be up to 2,500m² of commercial activity. 

Application B
The Application B development is proposed to yield approximately 1000 residential dwelling units across mixed use, medium density residential, general density residential and river edge residential precincts. A service station and shops are already established within the proposed site.

The below technical reports from the plan change have been referenced in the Te Awa Lakes SHA applications:

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