Development Contributions Policy update - April 2019

​​Hamilton City Council is updating its current Development Contributions Policy.

We are proposing some changes to the existing Policy and we want your feedback on the proposed changes and on any other aspects of the Policy.

Consultation closed Monday 29 April 2019.

In addition to the scheduled DC Policy Update consultation the Council is provided a further opportunity for feedback on the update through an elected member briefing on 9 May.

All submitters who have provided contact details will be offered the opportunity after consultation closes on 29 April.​​

What are the key changes and what do they mean?

We are proposing six key areas of change to the current Policy. They are listed below with a brief explanation of what the changes would mean.

Proposed key changes to the Council's policy on development contributions

List of proposed changes:

  1. Updated growth funding modelling environment 
  2. Inclusion of additional assets in the Schedule of Assets
  3. CBD remission be retained at 66% reduction until 30 Jun​e 2021
  4. Provide capped development contribution charges for non-residential development in the Rotokauri general catchment
  5. Clarification to 'gross floor area' definition
  6. Updated schedule of charges (excluding GST)

Although the above list sets out the key proposed changes, it is not a list of all changes. We recommend you review the proposed policy and supporting information below to see all changes.

Also, the Development Contributions Policy 2018/19 contains clauses relating to wet industries. The Council proposes to update Schedule 5, Note 2 in the Development Contributions Policy 2019/20 to align with changes to the Local Government Act 2002. The policy provisions are amended as outlined in Schedule 5 in the proposed Policy.

Relevant Documents

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