The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Trust Board - Temple View Block Plant

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Proposed demolition of Block Plant building (H135) in Temple View– B-ranked historic heritage item listed in the Hamilton City Operative District Plan. 

Public notification commences on Wednesday, 17th June 2020. 

Submissions closed Tuesday, 14th July 2020.


​​​Secti​on 92 - Further Information


  1. W Walmsley (PDF, ​219KB)
  2. D Walmsley (PDF, 246KB)
  3. J Kendall (PDF, 1.08MB)
  4. S Burgess (PDF, 1.58MB)
  5. A Robinson (PDF, 1.26MB)
  6. F Richards (PDF, 1.34MB)
  7. New Zealand Labour Missionary Charitable Trust (PDF, 2.13MB)
  8. J Coward (PDF 6.29MB)
  9. W Hague (PDF, 1.43MB)
  10. Te Haa O Te Whenua O Kirikiriroa (PDF, 245KB)
  11. J Lake (PDF, 1.23MB)
  12. C Mason (PDF, 1.21MB)
  13. M Macdonald​ (PDF, 50.5KB)
  14. Kershaw Trust Ltd - Received after submissions closed 03/08/2020 (PDF, 1.56MB)

Information Submitted Post-Notification​​

Hearing Commissioner Panel's Directions

Council's Section 42A Report & Appendices

'Place of Assembly' Supplementary Information from Applicant

Council's Supplementary Section 42A Report & Appendices

Notice of Hearing

Applicant's Evidence

Schedule of Hearing


  • To hear and decide the application by Independent Commissioners, hearing commencement date has been set as follows:​
  • Date: Thursday, 3rd December 2020
  • Time: 09.00am
  • Venue: Council Chambers, 1st Floor, Municipal Building, Garden Place, Hamilton
  • ​For filing of evidence, please email electronic copies in PDF format to 

​Hearing Evidence

Hearing Commissioner Panel's Decision​

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