Publicly Notified Resource Consent Applications

​​​​Current applications in progress

Foodstuffs North Island Limited

This application seeks resource consent for the construction and operation of a new PAK’nSAVE supermarket with a drive-through fuel facility, at-grade car parking and all other associated enabling works.

The new supermarket building will be developed to abut the western boundary of the site with a gross floor area (GFA) totalling approximately 6358m2. This GFA figure includes all the back-of-house delivery, service and storage areas plus the main retail and mezzanine levels.

Weston Lea Limited

The proposal is to develop approximately 105 hectares of land adjoining the western bank of the Waikato River in Peacocke, Hamilton for residential development and associated subdivision. The subdivision and development will provide for 862 dwellings on individual certificates of title.  In addition, there are two large lots proposed adjacent to Peacockes Road to be developed in the future for a mixed use residential/commercial centre (development of these lots is not part of current applications). Earthworks, new roading, cycleways, walkways, additional planting within a retained esplanade, and three waters infrastructure are required to enable the development and a number of open space areas are included in the applications.

 ​Archived Consultation and Notification - Now Closed

​Make a submission

Have your say about publicly notified resource consent applications by making a submission.

To make a submission, you will need to identify what effect the proposed activity will have on you, and why you support or oppose it. Make sure you study the application, talk to Council staff, and talk to other people who might be affected.

This will help you to identify the matters you want to raise in your submission.

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  PG A1a Publicly Notified Class 4 Gambling Venue Submission Form.pdf

Tips for writing a good submission

A well written submission has two key elements – the relevant content and a readable style.

Tips to get started:

  • Think carefully about what needs to go into your submission
  • Give the content a logical order
  • Stick to the facts.

A clear and well-written submission is far more effective than a rambling and emotional one. Facts supported by evidence, not emotion, is what Council will use when making decisions.​

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