​Stage 1: Obtain a Resource Consent to Subdivide

You, or your agent, will need to apply for a subdivision resource consent if you want to divide land or buildings for separate ownership, such as new lots or sections, unit title, flats plan (cross lease), or company lease.

You may need to attend a pre-design or pre-application meeting prior to lodging your resource consent application. The purpose of a pre-application meeting is to facilitate communication between applicants and the council so that the applicant can make informed decisions about applying for consents, permits or licenses.

Stage 2: Obtain pre-certification approvals

Submit engineering and design plans for approval

Engineering and landscaping plans can be submitted to or dropped into the Duty Planner, at the main Municipal Building 8am – 4.45pm Monday to Friday. 

 PG C18 Landscaping and engineering design plan checklist
 PG R31 Application Form for Road and Open Space Naming/Renaming

 Advise of timing of physical works construction & estimated completion

Advising Council of when your physical works is due to commence and the estimated month of completion enables us to schedule in site visits for quality assurance – saving you time in the long run.  It also helps to prepare us for any complaints that may arise resulting from construction such as dust or noise. 

 PG N71 Works Commencement Form

​Attend a physical works clearance pre-application meeting

A Physical Works Clearance Pre-Application meeting is required for any subdivision that will be constructing public infrastructure.  It's an opportunity to meet with a Hamilton City Council Development Engineer, Parks Planner and any other specialists to review and discuss your documentation prior to applying for clearance.

Apply for physical works clearances

All engineering and physical works must be approved by Council as meeting conditions specified in the resource consent, prior to approval of subdivision certification. 

Our qualified team members will visit your site to inspect your engineering and landscaping physical works and, if no remedial works are required, will issue you with a Physical Works Clearance Certificate within 10 business days.

 PG F24 Subdivision works clearance application form
 PG L4 Developers tax invoice and schedule of engineering values (GST Registered)
 PG L5 Developers tax invoice and schedule of engineering values (Non-GST Registered)

​Stage 3: Apply for subdivision certification (including s223, s224c)

Applications for subdivision certification will take 10 working days to approve (pending payment of all fees).

Prior to applying for s224c you will need to have obtained all pre-certification approvals including:

  • A Physical Works Clearance Certificate (or proof of bond)
  • Documentation that shows all conditions specified in the subdivision resource consent have been met

Applications will not be accepted until all of the above items have been met.

   ​PG F22 Subdivision certification application form

​Key contact

​Planning Guidance Unit - Subdivision Officer
Planning Guidance, Level 2, Municipal Building, Garden Place, Hamilton
Phone 07 838 6699

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