Riverside Property

Natural Hazards

Riverside properties may be subject to flood and/or land instability hazards (erosion, land slips and subsidence).  The Features Maps in Appendix 17 of Volume 2 of the Partly Operative District Plan show the location of the following natural hazard areas:

  • Low Flood Hazard Area
  • Medium Flood Hazard Area
  • High Flood Hazard Area
  • Waikato River and Gully Hazard Area
  • Waikato River Bank Stability Area

Anyone wishing to develop or use a property within a flood hazard area, or within 6m of the Waikato Riverbank and Gully Hazard Area, may require a resource consent prior to undertaking the activity, depending on the nature and extent of the activity and/or the severity of the flood hazard

Technical Reports on Riverside Hazards

Technical reports supporting the identification of the above hazard areas and the applicable rules are referenced in the:

Section 32 Report for Chapter 22 of the Partly Operative District Plan (PDF 6 MB)

The following are links to key reports: 

3 Waters Modelling Project - Stormwater  (AECOM, 2012)  (PDF, 1.26MB)

Flood Hazard Report (AECOM, 2012) (PDF, 6.59MB)

Central Waikato River Stability Management Strategy 2008-2058.  (Environment Waikato, 2007)  (PDF, 683kB)

Analysis of Degradation:  Waikato River:  Karapiro to Ngaruawahia.  (Graeme Smart, 2005) (PDF, 4.28MB)

Proposed Middle Waikato Bed Degradation Management Strategy  (Beca, 2006) (PDF, 1.83MB)

Report: Waikato River Erosion Study:  Volume 1 (URS, 2007) (PDF, 4.85MB)

Further information on flood and land instability hazards may be obtained from Hamilton City Council:  phone 07 838 6699.

Information availability

Council has an obligation under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1992 to bring the hazard information to the attention of affected property owners, and to put this information on relevant property files.   This information will be available for people who apply for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from Council, prior to purchasing a property.


Will the hazard information contained in the LIM affect the value of, or the ability to sell your property?

Council is unsure whether this information will affect the value of your property or the ability to sell it.  We suggest you seek independent advice.  The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1992 requires Council to place this information on the relevant property file.

Consent requirements for new building or building alterations in hazard areas

For information about resource consents, visit:  Planning Guidance & Resource Consents​

For information about building requirements, visit:  Build Hamilton

Every property has its own characteristics.  We suggest you confirm with Council the District Plan and Building Act requirements relating to your proposed development or activity:  phone 07 838-6699. 

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