Property Revaluation 2015

​​​The latest revaluation of Hamilton properties was completed in November 2015.
These can also be viewed on our website by using the property search database​.
The purpose of the revaluation is to establish up-to-date values that will be used for setting rates from 1 July 2016.  The new values are based as at 1 September 2015 and are a snapshot of the property market at that time.  
Quotable Value (QV) is the independent registered valuation company employed by the Council to undertake the revaluation. The process to determine the new values involves analysing property sales, and other market evidence, within each area of the city.  This process is governed by legislation and QV’s valuers have strict guidelines that they must follow.  The new values are then audited and approved by the Office of the Valuer General, an independent Government authority prior to them been released.
For more information on the revaluation, refer to the links below:
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