Rates Rebate

​​​​​​The Rates Rebate Scheme is provided by the Government but administered by each local council. The scheme's purpose is to provide a subsidy to low‐income homeowners and ratepayers on the cost of their rates.

You may apply for the rebate if:

  • you pay rates on the address you live at, and
  • you were living there as at 1 July, being the commencement of the rating year, and
  • your name is on the Rating Information database (RID), and
  • the total income of you, your partner, and any joint homeowner is​ within the income threshold.

Applicants are required to provide information about their gross annual income for the previous financial year.

The level of your rates, your income level and whether you have any dependants will all have a bearing on whether you qualify for a rebate or not.

The maximum rebate granted for this year is $665. The rebate will be credited to your rates account. 

Use this Calc​ulator to check if you are eligible​ (please note you will still be required to complete a rates rebate application form).

You can download the application form the Department of Internal Affairs website. Alternatively, if you would like an application form mailed you please email the rates team, or call us on 07 838 6688. Application forms can also be provided at the Council Offices.​

If you think you may qualify for a rebate under this scheme, or for further information on the scheme, please contact us.​

Council Rates Rebate

Council also offer a further rates reduction in addition to the Government rebate, where additional financial assistance is required. Council staff will identify whether you qualify when completing the Government rebate application. This rates remission policy allows the C​ouncil to remit rates on a residential property up to a maximum of $614​. There is additional qualifying criteria and each application is considered on its merits and is authorised by Council's Rates Manager. ​

The applicant must reside at the property and must provide a full financial statement to meet conditions and criteria. This includes income levels, financial assets and the ownership structure of the property.

For additional information see the Rates Rebate FAQs page​.​​​​

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