Valuation Objections

​​If you would like to discuss your rating valuation further, phone our team on (07) 838 6688, Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm.

​The objection period is now closed.

The objection period for the 2018 revaluation was open from 21 November 2018 to 16 January 2019.​

Please note that we are unable to fast track the objection process. We expect all objections to be reviewed by the end of April 2019. If you require an immediate reassessment of your valuation (for example - if you are selling the property and wish to include significant improvements that you believe may not have been taken into account) then you can contact Quotable Value and discuss the option of a review under Section 16 of the Rating Valuations Act 1998. Please note there is a cost for this review.​

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