Valuation Objections

The objection period for the citywide revaluation has now closed.

If you have a Notice of Rating Valuation dated in the past 20 working days, you may object to this valuation.

You may also pay to have your rating valuation reviewed at any time. This is called a Section 16 review.

The cost for this is $300 + GST for a typical residential property, but may be more for other properties. This fee is payable directly to our valuers, Opteon.

To find out more about this please email or phone 07 959 9056.

I lodged an objection. What happens now?

If you lodged an objection, you should have received a confirmation email or letter.

Opteon will be reviewing objections for many weeks, and we expect most to be completed before we set rates again in July. If your objection is reviewed after we set rates and the values change, your rates will also be adjusted.

Objections can not be fast-tracked for any reason.

Once your valuation has been reviewed you will be sent a letter or email advising of the outcome.

Rating valuations are provided for the purpose of setting rates only. If you need a market valuation for another reason, then please contact a registered valuation company.

If you have any questions, please email

Page reviewed: 09 Jun 2022 12:28pm