Public Places Permits

​​​Hamilton City Council is committed to ensuring that activities in public places such as al fresco dining or street performances add to the vibrancy, creativity and look and feel of our city.

The  Public Places Bylaw 2016 (PDF, 146KB) and the Trading Public Places Policy​ set out the rules to ensure that activities are managed in an appropriate way to ensure that Hamilton's public places are lively and attractive whilst not compromising safety and access.

A Public Place is generally defined as a place that is 'owned or under the control of Council, any part of a public place that is opened to, or being used by the public.' ​


Applications must seek to deliver on the following principles:

  • Provides rich and diverse culinary, entertainment and art experience that generate vitality and discourse.
  • Promotes enterprise to all its communities
  • Encourages the chance encounter, where casual contact can flourish to generate new possibilities and development.
  • Celebrates Hamilton’s character, reflecting the uniqueness of its setting and enhances the culture of the city and its people.
  • Adds to the city’s vibrancy and strengthening the existing function of areas.

You will need to apply for a permit for operating any of these activities in a public place:

Hamilton City Council has removed the Outdoor Dining Permit Fees July 2021 - June 2022 financial year, this will be reviewed 30 April 2022. You may be entitled to a refund if you have paid for your Outdoor Dining Permit from July 2021.

Please see below applications and information.

Factors taken into consideration when approving a permit are public safety, location, time, type of activity and whether the activity will create a public nuisance.

If you have any concerns with regards to your activity please contact us.

Applying for a permit

You will need to fill in the correct permit application form and either post, email or bring in the completed form to Hamilton City Council. Alternatively, you can now apply for some permits online below.

Customer Service Centre
Ground Floor
Municipal Building, Garden Place
City Safe Operations
Hamilton City Council
Private Bag 3010

Apply Online​

You can now apply for the below permits online. More permits will be added in the future.

Fees and Charges

Fees are charged on a pro rata basis. There may be additional fees and charges associated with your permit application. For more information please see the Public Places Fees and Charges brochure (PDF,269 KB).

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