A-Z services (and key info)

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10-Year Plan - Long-term Council Community Plan or LTP


Abandoned vehicles

About Council

About Hamilton

Access Hamilton

​​Adopt a do​​g

Advertising signs - footpaths (public places permits)

Advertising signs - roads and street (permissions and approvals)

Advisory services (community development) 

Advisory panel (Heritage Advisory Panel)

Advisory panel (Older Persons' Advisory Panel)

Age-Friendly Plan​

Agendas & M​​inutes

Aircraft - drones and unmanned aircraft (parks and open spaces)

Air q​​uality

Alcohol ban - liquor bans re public areas

Alcohol l​icensing

Annual Plan (2015/16 Annual Plan)​​ 

Annual R​eport

Arts (Hamilton Arts Agenda)

Arts (arts and culture)

ArtsPost (Waikato Museum and ArtsPost)

Assistance - media and news liaison - Council's Communication Team

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Barking dogs - tips

Berms - roadside verges and grass berms (verge maintenance)

Bike Hamilton

Biking Plan

Bins (Rubbish & Recycling)


Booking a Council-owned facility

Booking a Council park (Park Booking Request Form)

Brand Manual

Build Hamilton

Building compliance and control (Build Hamilton)

Building consents (Build Hamilton)

Building - leaky buildings and weathertightness (Build Hamilton)

Building inspections (Build Hamilton)​

Building over pipes​​​

Burial fees and charges (cemeteries and crematorium)​ 

Burial services (including info on natural burials) 

Bus services (using the bus)​​​

Bylaws, policies and legislation (Policies, Bylaws and legislation)

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Campaigns - environment (events and campaigns)

Camera - Hamilton city CCTV - closed circuit television cameras (living in Hamilton)

Camera - Hamilton City Council webcam (live stream Council  meetings)

Careers - Hamilton City Council job vacancies

Caring for your dog

Cars (abandoned vehicles)

Cats - wild (feral cats and possums)

CCTV - closed circuit television cameras (living in Hamilton)

Celebrating Age Centre (community facilities)


Cemetery Search

Central City Transformation Plan - CCTP​​

Central Waikato River Stability Management Strategy 2008-2058 (Riverside Property)

Chickens and roosters in the city (keeping animals)

Children and families (community development)

Choices - travel (transport choices and road safety)

Citizenship ceremonies

City Beautification Plan (Central City Transformation Plan)​​

City events

City facilities - community, theatres, zoo, Hamilton Gardens, museum, pools, stadia and venues

City N​ews - our newspaper for residents

City projects (Our Partner Projects)

City ​Safe (living in Hamilton)​​​

City Waters Viewer

Civil Defence & Emergency Management​​​

Claudelands - events centre

Claudelands Park (destination parks)

Closure applications - roads and streets (corridor access requests)​

Closures and delays - roads and streets - (News) - media releases

Closures and delays - roads and streets - (public notices)

Closures and delays - roads and streets - list for the coming week (delays, roadworks  and events)  ​

Closures and delays - roads and streets (permissions and approvals)

Collection d​ays (Rubbish & Recycling​​)

Committees - Council ​​​committees, external organisations, advisory panels and groups

Communications Team - media assistance and news liaison

Community developmen​t

Community facilities - halls, sports park buildings and other community venues

Community facilities (booking a Council-owned facility)

Community funding

Community (other support pro​viders)

Community outcomes

Community planting

Community services, advice and bookable facilities (community development)

Complaints, compliments and feedback

Connections (water services)

Consents - building (Build Hamilton)

Consents - resource (planning guidance and resource consents)

Conservation (water conservation) - Smart Water

Consultation - planning and regulations - closed (closed consultation and notifications)

Consultation - planning and regulations - current (consultation and public notices)

Consultation - resource consents - closed (archived consultation and notification - now closed)

Consultation - resource consents - current (publicly notified applications)

Contact us

Contractor Health and Safety Manual (manuals)

Corridor access requests

Council (about Council)

Council committees - and external organisations and advisory panels and groups

Council Controlled Organisations

Council partnership with Maaori

Council publications

Council submissions

Councillors (elected Councillors)

Credit card payments (Do it Online)​​

Crematorium services

Culture (arts and culture) 

Cycle Safety (cycling)

Cycleways and Walkways (parks)

Cycling (Bike Hamilton)

Cycling (Hamilton Biking Plan)

Cycling (transport choices and road safety)

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Dangerous and unsanitary buildings (Build Hamilton)​​​​​

Delays, roadworks and events - for the coming week

Destination parks

Development Contributions

Development Manual (manuals)

Disability advisory services

Disposing of hazardous substances (Rubbish & Recycling)

District Plans


Dogs (adopt a dog)

Dogs (dangerous and menacing dogs)

Dog exercise areas - parks (pooches and parks - map)

Dog exercise and 'no go' areas - Hamilton city and surrounds - Bylaws map

Dogs (lost and found dogs)

Dogs in parks (pooches and parks)

Dogs (microchipping)

Dogs Online - register, renew, pay or change details

Do it Online - pay rates, parking, make enquiries etc

Domestic pets (dogs)

Domestic pets (keeping animals)

Drainage and plumbing

Drains (stormwater)​​

Drones and unmanned aircraft (parks and open spaces)

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Economic development

Eco-sourcing (biodiversity)​​

Educa​tion - environment (Enviroschools)

Elders - committees (Council of Elders)

Elders - panels (Older Persons' Advisory Panel)

Elected Members

Elections - local body elections - Hamilton City Council

Emergency management (Civil Defence & Emergency Management)

Enderley Park Community Centre (community facilities)

Energy efficiency

Enquiries and official information requests - OIAs​

Envirofund - now community funding​​​

Environment and health


Ethnic communities (community profile)

Ethnic communities (Ethnic Advisory Services) ​

Events and campaigns - community planting, Earth Hour, environmental health

Events (arts and culture) - Creative Waikato

Events (city events)

Events, roadworks and delays - for the coming week

Events - media releases (news)

Events (public notices)

Events (Visit Hamilton website) - What's On​

Exercise areas (dogs) - parks (pooches and parks)

Exercise and 'no go' areas (dogs) - Hamilton city and surrounds - Bylaws map

External organisations and advisory/internal working groups - see Council committees

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Facebook - Hamilton City Council​

Facilities - community, theatres, zoo, Hamilton Gardens, museum, pools, stadia and venues

Facilities (booking a Council-owned facility)

Fairfield Park Hall (community facilities)

Feedback - general feedback, compliments and complaints

Fees and c​harges lists

Feral cats and pos​sums

Filming in Hamilton

Finance Committee

Fines (parking fines)

Food safety and public health​​

Food stalls at events and for fundraising (food safety)

Footpath maintenance

Footpath signs (public places permits)

Found dogs (lost and found dogs​)

Funeral d​​irectors

Funding (community funding​​​​)

Funding (Development Contributions Fund)

Funding - Policies

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Gardens (Hamilton Gardens​)

General enquiries and official information requests - OIAs​

General feedback, compliments and complaints

GIS property map (My Property)

GIS Viewer (District Plan maps)​


Grants (community funding​​)

Grass berms - roadside verges and grass berms (verge maintenance)

Governance Statement

Guides (planning guidance and resource consents)

Guides (Rubbish & Recycling)

Gully restoration (biodiversity)

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Hamilton Arts Agenda​​

Hamilton Biking Plan

Hamilton Central City Transformation Plan - CCTP​​

Hamilton city CCTV webcams - closed circuit television cameras (living in Hamilton)

Hamilton City Council (community profiles)

Hamilton City Council job vacancies (careers)​​​​

Hamilton City Council camera (live stream Council  meetings) - webcam

Hamilton City Council logos (Brand Manual)

Hamilton City Council Residents​ Survey (monitoring and ​​statistics)

Hamilton City Council Youth Survey

Hamilton City D​​esk - Mayor's monthly column

Hamilton City events

Hamilton City - facilities - community, theatres, zoo, Hamilton Gardens, museum, pools, stadia and venues

Hamilton City N​ews - our Council's newspaper for residents

Hamilton City River Plan - Waikato River​​

Hamilton East ​Neighbourhood Plan

Hamilton G​​​ardens

Hamilton i-SITE​​

Hamilton Lake Domain

Hamilton libraries

Hamilton profile​ (learning about Hamilton)

Hamilton Ring Road FAQs - including Wairere Drive

Hamilton Ring Road - Wairere Drive Extension

Hamilton t​heatres

Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy

Hamilton Zoo

Have yo​​ur s​​ay - consultation and submissions

Hazardous substances (Rubbish & Recycling)

Health (environment and health) ​

Health (public health)

Heritage and history (Hamilton heritage)

Heritage Advisory Panel

Heritage Fund

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i-SITE - city information for residents and visitors​

Improving water quality (water quality)

Industry Response T​eam

Inquiries and official information requests - OIAs​

Inspections - buildings - general (Build Hamilton)

Inspections - buildings and facilities by an in​dependent qualified person (IQP)

Inspections - list of independent qualified persons (IQP) 

Inspections and requirements (food safety)

Instalments (rates)

International relationships (sister cities and memoranda of understanding)

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Japan (international r​​elationships)

Job vacancies - Hamilton City Council (careers)

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Keeping animals - chickens and roosters in the city

Keeping animals - dogs

Keeping a​nimals - general 

Kennels - (lost and found dogs)​​

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Land information memorandum (LIM)

Land use and subdivision applications (planning guidance and resource consents)

Leaky buildings and weathertightness (Build Hamilton)

Learning a​​​​bout Hamilton

Legislation (Policies, Bylaws and legislation)

Liaison - news and media - Council's Communication Team (media assistance)


Licences - alcohol licensing

Licences - community licence to occupy

Licences - gambling - ​Class 4 Gambling Policy (Policies, Bylaws and legislation)

Liquor ban re public places (alcohol ban)

Liquor licensing

List of independent qualified persons (IQP)- re building inspections 

Livestock movement permits and stock underpasses

Livestock - wandering stock (keeping animals)

Live stream Council  meetings - web camera

Living in Hamilton (about Hamilton)

Living in Hamilton - what Hamilton offers (facilities)

Living in Hamilton - community support and facilities (community development)

Living in Hamilton - clubs and organisations

Living in Hamilton - activities, events, see and do, shopping, accommodation (What's On) - Visit Hamilton website

Local body elections - Hamilton City Council

Long-term Council Community Plan or LTP (10-Year Plan 2012-2022)

Lost and found dogs

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Maintaining and replacing (roads and transport)

Management plans (city strategies)

Management plans (P​arks Management Plans)

Management plans (Policies, Bylaws and legislation)

Management plans (Strategies and Plans)

Management structure - Council


Maps - Cemeteries

Maps - District Plan maps​

Maps - Dog exercise areas - parks (pooches and parks)

Maps - Dog exercise and 'no go' areas - Hamilton city and surrounds - Bylaws map

Maps​​ - My Property


Media liaison/news - Council's Communication Team (media assistance)

Media releases (news - Hamilton City Council)

Meeting C​alendar - Council meetings

Membership (libraries​)

Memorials and manufacturers - ​​cemeteries​​

Memorial Park (destination parks)​​

Merchandise display permit (public places permits)​​

Microchipping - dogs​

Minimisation - waste - (waste minimisation tips)

Minimisation (Waste Management and Minimisation Plan)

Mobile shops permit (public places permits)

Model aircraft - unmanned aircraft and drones (parks and open spaces)

Monitoring and statistics - includes Hamilton City Residents' Survey

Moving around Hamilton (transport)

Museum (Waikato Museum and ArtsPost)

My Property (maps)

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Natural A​reas

Natural burials (burial services)

Neighbourhood a​ccessibility

Neighbourhood parks - includes map

News (City News) - our monthly newspaper for residents

News/media liaison - Council's Communication Team (media assistance)

News (news - Hamilton City Council) - media releases

News (consultation and public notices)

​​​Noise c​ontrol

Notices - general - public notices

Notices - roads and streets - delays, roadworks and events - for the coming week

​​​Notifications - planning and regulations public notices - closed (closed consultation and notifications)

Notifications - planning and regulations public notices - current (consultation and public notices)

Notifications - resource consents - closed (archived consultation and notification - now closed)

Notifications - resource consents - current (publicly notified applications)

Nuisance animals (barking dogs) - tips and info

Nuisance animals (dangerous and menacing dogs)

Nuisance animals (keeping animals) including roosters

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Objection - alcohol/liquor licence (make​​​​​​​​ an objection​​)

Official Information Requests - OIAs (general enquiries and official information requests)​

Off lic​ence (alcohol licensing)

On lic​ence (alcohol licensing)

Online Services (Dogs Online) - register, renew, pay or change details

Online Services (Do it Online) - payments, enquiries, register for online services etc

Online payments (Do it Online) - pay rates, parking fines, water rates, dog registrations etc

​​​​Opening hours - cemetery (locations and hours)

Opening hours and Hamilton City Council location​​ (contact us)

Opening hours and library locations​​ (l​​​​ibraries)

Opening hours and parking locations (where to park)

Open spaces (parks and open spaces)

Open space plan (Hamilton City Open Space Plan)

Operative District ​Plan 2012​

Organisations (clubs and organisations)

Other support pro​viders - community

Our Vision

Outdoor dining (public places permits)

Oversize vehicles or loads

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Panels and working groups (Council committees)

Panels and working groups (Urban Design Advisory Panel)

Parana Park (destination parks)​​​

Park Booking Request Form

Parks and reserves

Parks (destination parks)


Parking fines

Parking locations (where to park)

Parking (permits for the extended use of parking spaces within the central city)

Partnerships - Maaori (Council partnership with Maaori)

Payments online (Do it Online) - rates, parking fines, water rates, dog registrations etc​ 

Permissions and approvals - roads and streets - transport

Pets (dogs)

Pets (keeping animals)

Performing art (arts and culture)

Performing art (community funding)

Permits - parking (permits for the extended use of parking spaces within the central city)

Permits (livestock movement permits and stock underpasses)

Permits (public places permits) - includes footpath signage

Permissions and approvals - road and street closures, traffic management, signage

Pipes (building over pipes)

Planning guidance and resource consents

Plan - 10-Year Plan 2012-2022 (Long-term Council Community Plan or LTP)

Plan Change 1 (previously Ruakura Variation)​

Plan (2015/16 Annual Plan)

Plan (Central City Transformation Plan) - CCTP

Plan (Hamilton Plan)

Plan (Hamilton Biking Plan)

Plan (Hamilton City River Plan)

Plan (Hamilton City Open Space Plan)

Plan (Operative Dis​trict Plan 2012)​

Plan (Waste Management and Minimisation Plan)

Planes - model aircraft, unmanned aircraft and drones (parks and open spaces)

Plans - District Plans

Plans (city strategies)

Plans (P​arks Management Plans)

Plans (Partly Operative District Plan 2016)

Plans (Policies, ​Bylaws and legislation) 

Plans (Strategies and Plans)


Plumbing and drainage

​Policies, Bylaws​ and legislation

Pools - city swimming facilities

Porritt Stadium (stadia and sports venues)

Possums (feral cats and po​ssums)

Pound (lost and found dogs)

Progress report (monitoring and statistics) - including Hamilton City Residents' Survey

Profile of Hamilton (learning about Hamilton)

Projects (Our Partner Projects)

Property (My Property) - maps page - search by road, address ​, valuation or plan number​​​

Property (My Property) - maps page - ​view links to property services, consents processes and rates​​​

Property & Rates - property​ information - overview

Property & Rates - Property Search D​atabase - rates

Partly Operative District Plan 2016

Publications (Council publications)

Public health

Public notices - and current planning/regulation consultation (consultation and public notices)

Public notices - closed planning/regulation consultation (closed consultation and notifications)

Public notices - general

Publicly notified applications - resource consents

Publicly notified and closed resource consents (archived consultation and notification - now closed)

Public places permits

Public​ transport (transport choices and road safety)  ​​

Public​ transport (using the bus)​​

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Quality (water quality​)

Que​​ries and enquiries (general enquiries and Official Information Requests - OIAs)​

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Rating and property database

Ruakura Variation (now Plan Change 1)​

Recycling and rubbish (Refuse & Recycling)

Register - kennel (lost and found dogs)

Refuse and recycle transfer station (Refuse & Recycling)

Refuse (Rubbish & Recycling)

Regulation - alcohol/liquor (alcohol licensing)

Regulation - alcohol or liquor ban re public places (alcohol ban)

Regulation - building (Build Hamilton)

Regulation (city strategies)

Regulation - ​Class 4 Gambling Policy (Policies, Bylaws and legislation)

Regulation (Community Licence to Occupy)

Regulation (food safety and public health)​​

Regulation (livestock movement and stock underpasses) - permits

Regulation (P​arks Management Plans) - parks and reserves

Regulation (permissions and approvals) - roads, streets  and transport

Regulation (permits for the extended use of parking spaces within the central city)

Regulation (planning guidance and resource consents)

Regulation (Policies, Bylaws and legislation)

Regulation (public places permits)

Regulation (Strategies and Plans)

Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme (REEP)​​

Report (Annual Report​)

​​Reserves (parks and reserves)​​​​

Resource consents - current (publicly notified applications)

Resource consents - closed (archived consultation and notification - now closed)

Resource consents (planning guidance and resource consents)

Request for information

Request for official information - OIAs​

Request for services

Residents' survey (monitoring and ​​ statistics)

Ring Road (Hamilton Ring Road FAQs)

Ring Road - Hamilton (Wairere Drive Extension​)

River plan (Hamilton City River Plan) - Waikato River​

Riverside property - Central Waikato River Stability Management Strategy 2008-2058

Road and street closure applications (corridor access requests)​

Road and street closures and delays - list for the coming week (delays, roadworks and events)

Road and street closures (news) - media releases

Road and street closures (public notices)

Road safety and travel (transport choices and road safety)

Roads and streets (oversize vehicles or loads)

Roads and streets (permissions and approvals) closures, traffic management, signage

Roads and streets - signage (public places permits)

Roads and streets (transport)

Roads, streets and footpaths - traffic and road infrastructure (​​​maintaining and replacing)

Roadworks - list for the coming week (delays, roadworks and events)  ​

Roadworks (news) - media releases

Roadworks planned for the next seven days (public notices)

Roadworks - roads, streets, footpaths (​​​maintaining and replacing)

Roadside verges and grass berms (verge maintenance)

Roosters in the city (keeping animals)

​​Rubbish & Re​cycling

Rubbish & Recycling (Waste Management and Minimisation Plan)

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Safer Speed Areas - speed limits

Safety (food safety and public health)

Safety (transport choices and road safety)

Security cameras - Hamilton city CCTV - closed circuit television cameras (living in Hamilton)

​​Seddon Park (stadia and sports venues)

Service plans (water services)

Services - advice and community development (advisory services)

Services - see 'Our Services' tab and drop-down box on our homepage - or use this A-Z list​

Signage - footpaths (public places permits)

Signage - road signs (advertising signs)

Smart water use - environment and health

Smart water use (water conservation)

Social development (community development) and social well-being

Social media - for an overview and links re our social media channels, see our 'contact us' page

Southern Links - proposed roading project

Special licence (alcohol/liquor at events)​

Speed limits (Safer Speed Areas)

Sportsdrome - Te Rapa (community facilities)

Sports parks

Stadia and sports venues

Stalls (food stalls at events or for fundraising)

Standard technical specifications manual (manuals)

Strategies and Plans

Strategies (riverside property) - Central Waikato River Stability Management Strategy 2008-2058

Strategy and Policy Committee

Statement (governance)

Street and road closure applications (corridor access requests)​

Street and road closures (news) - media releases

Street and road closures (public notices)

Street and road closures -  and delays list - for the coming week (delays, roadworks and events)  ​

Streets and roads (oversize vehicles or loads)

Streets and roads (permissions and approvals) closures, traffic management, signage

St​reets and roads - traffic and road infrastructure (​​​maintaining and replacing)

Streets and roads (transport)

Stock (Livestock Movement Permits and Stock Underpasses)

Stock - wandering livestock (keeping animals)

Stormwater and drains​​


Subdivisions - closed - resource consents (archived consultation and notifications - now closed)

Subdivisions - current - resource consents (publicly notified applications)

Subdivisions (planning guidance and resource consents)

Submissions - current - planning and regulations (consultation and public notices)

Submissions - closed -  planning and regulations (closed consultation and notifications)

Submissions to other organisations (Council submissions)

Supergold card (older persons)

Support providers (advisory services)

Survey - Hamilton City Residents' Survey (monitoring and statistics)

Survey - Youth Survey

Sustainable travel (transport choices and road safety)

Sustainable Urban Design (environment and health)

Swimming facilities

Swimming pool fencing

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Tagbusters (graffiti)​​

Taitua Arboretum

Tauhara Park (destination parks)

Tenders and suppliers

Ten year plan - Long-term Council Community Plan or LTP (10-Year Plan 2012-2022)

Te Rapa Sportsdrome (community facilities)

Theatres - (Hamilton t​​heatres)

Think, Change, Go (Transport choices and road safety) - travel

Trade waste

Traffic (delays, roadworks and events for the coming week

Traffic (permissions and approvals) - road and street closures, traffic management, signage

Transfer station - refuse (Rubbish  & Recycling)


Transport choices and road safety - travel, travel planning and safety

Transport (oversize vehicles or loads)

Transport - public​ and bus transport (transport choices and road safety)  ​​

Transport - public (using the bus)

Transport - road and street closures, traffic management, signage (permissions and approvals)

Transport - speed limits (Safer Speed Areas)

Transport - traffic and road infrastructure (​​maintaining and replacing)

Travel (transport choices and road safety)

​​​Treatment (water treatment)

Triennial Agreement Waikato - Waikato region

Twitter - Hamilton City Council​

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Unmanned aircraft, model planes and drones (parks and open spaces)

Urban Design Advisory Panel

Urban growth (Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy)

Urb​an growth ​- view our Hamilton Growth video on our 'Careers' page

Unsanitary conditions (public health)

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Vacancies - Hamilton  City Council (careers)

Valuation (property information)

Variations (District Plan) - proposed District Plan

Vehicles (abandoned vehicles)

Vehicles - transport (oversize vehicles or loads)

Verges - roadside verges and grass berms (verge maintenance)

Vision - our vision

Visit Hamilton - activities, events, see and do, shopping, accommodation, what's on - Visit Hamilton website

Voting - elections 2016

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Waikato Museum & ArtsPost

Waikato River Plan (Hamilton City River Plan)​

Waikato Stadium - FMG Stadium Waikato (stadia and sports venues)

Wairere Drive Extension - Hamilton Ring Road

Wairere Drive (Hamilton Ring Road FAQs)

Waiwha​kareke Natural Heritage Park​​

Walking and Cycling Incident Fo​rm

Walking School Bus

Walk​​ways (cycleways and walkways)​​

Wandering animals and livestock (keeping animals)

Wandering animals - dogs (lost and found dogs)

Waste - Rubbish & Recycling

Waste (trade waste)


Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Water services

Water services - City Waters Viewer

Water use and conservation - Smart Water (water conservation)

Waterworld (swimming facilities)

Weathertightness and leaky buildings (Build Hamilton)

Webcam - Hamilton City Council (Live stream Council  meetings)

What's On - events in Hamilton - Visit Hamilton website

​​Wild cats (feral cats and possums)​

Working groups and panels (Council committees) - includes Older Persons', Heritage and Youth

Working groups and panels (Urban Design Advisory Panel)

Working groups - community development (advisory services)

Working for Hamilton City Council (careers)

Workplace travel planning (transport choices and road safety)

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Youth Council

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Zoo (Hamilton Zoo) 

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