Autumn leaf collection

​​​​​Every autumn up to 400 tonnes of fallen leaves are collected from the city's streets and footpaths.  We do this so leaves don’t block drains and cause flooding, and so footpaths and streets aren't slippery for people walking and biking. April-July are the main months for collection but heavy rain and wind can speed this up. 

Wha​​t we do

  • We know where the highest leaf fall areas are and check these hotspot areas at least twice a week, and sweep as needed
  • ​Sweeper trucks collect the leaves, but when they are wet this can be slow and the truck may need to leave the area to dewater its load, but it will return
  • Sometimes our teams blow leaves off the footpath and berm and on to the road edge for the sweeper truck to collect later
  • We also have teams who keep catchpits clear, especially ahead of or after rain
  • The leaves are taken to the Hamilton Organic Centre

How y​ou can​​ help  

  • If you live in a hotspot area (see map below) please move your car off the road for the leaf sweeper
  • If it's safe and you feel comfortable you can clear leaves from on top of the catchpit grate, berm or footpath and pile them on the grass for us to collect 
  • Please dispose of leaves from your own property

​​Need assistance?

If a catchpit is blocked or leaves are an issue, please contact our Customer Service team on ph ​838 6699, or email for non-urgent requests. 

Page reviewed: 19 Jun 2019 6:31pm