Footpath Maintenance

Footpath resealing and upgrading

Council carries out regular maintenance to repair isolated footpath faults as well as a programme to resurface or rebuild about 10km of footpaths each year. Footpaths wear out and become rough and untidy for a number of reasons, including tree roots, work undertaken by service authorities, e.g. power/gas/water/phone, or vehicles driving over them.

Council is aware of the problems faced by users of mobility scooters and wheel chairs when getting around our city. However it is not possible to fix all the problems in the short term. We are always keen to find out about these locations and develop the programme of work based upon our inspections and feedback from the community.

If you can identify any particular trip hazards on our footpath network please call us on 838 6699 or use the online feedback form to report them and an inspector will assess the fault and arrange for any repairs to be added to the work programme.

Litter and illegal dumping

Council is keen to ensure that the city is looking its best at all times, so we are keen to hear about any litter or illegal dumping so that we can organise our contractors to clean it up.

Please call us on 838 6699 or submit the online feedback form to let us know of any litter or illegal dumping.

If you are able to provide information on who has dumped the rubbish (e.g. a vehicle registration plate number, date, time and description of the person who has been observed dumping the material), we can follow up on this and charge the cost of this work back to the person who illegally dumped the rubbish.

Footpath cleaning

Council is keen to ensure that the city is looking its best at all times and a key component to achieving this is to have our footpath free of litter, debris and leaves.

If you find any litter, leaves or even any unpleasant messes on the footpath, you can call us on 838 6699 or use the online feedback form to arrange for this to be cleaned up.

Shop owners please note that this service is only available to shops that have a public road frontage, i.e. not inside a private shopping centre.

In the autumn, we are kept very busy picking up the leaves that fall from the many deciduous trees throughout the city. We endeavour to keep the footpaths and streets free of leaves, but at that time of year it is a big job. 

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