Information for Developers and Builders

​​​If you are building a new house or any building be aware that the footpath and berm are not part of your site. You cannot just take it over and use it as a work area or storage place without permission.

City Transportation has the responsibility for ensuring that our footpaths are safe and usable by all the community. If some encroachment onto the footpath is an unavoidable part of the construction process you must ensure that the footpath is safe and usable by pedestrians at all times, particularly by those with pushchairs, or wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 

You must also ensure that vehicles crossing the footpath/berm to access the site do not damage the footpath. In the past sand pads have been used to 'protect' the footpath but these cause problems during rain when sand gets washed into catch pits, and are also difficult for pedestrians to cross over. Other ways of protecting the kerb and footpath are preferable. If the final location of the driveway is known, one option is to do the initial preparation for the vehicle crossing early and use that for site access. You will be required to replace any footpath cracked or broken during the building works and to reinstate the grass berm to an easily maintained state.

When preparing building sites and undertaking earthworks, you must also take into account the Waikato Regional Plan and in particular Rules 5​.1.4​ & 5.1.5 relating to earthworks. Sediment must be retained onsite and not enter the storm water system. 

The tracking of sediment offsite onto the roading network can become a hazard to other road users.  The best way to ensure this does not happen is to create a stabilised vehicle crossing, using aggregate not sand, before undertaking any site works.

If a new or altered driveway or entrance to a site will impact on parking bays, no stopping restrictions, bus stops or other restrictions you will need to contact the City Transportation Unit to arrange for changes that will be needed. These are legal restrictions so the changes need to be approved by Council and you will need to allow at least three months for staff to investigate and report on the problems, for the proposal to be submitted to a Council meeting, and for the changes to be implemented. Council contractors will do any changes to the signage and road marking that may be needed.

Similarly if your entranceway will conflict with a streetlight, street tree, planted area, pedestrian island or anything else on the berm please contact the Council to see if these items can be relocated. All work involved will be at your cost and these discussions should be undertaken as part of the planning process and as early as possible to minimise delays or disappointment.

Page reviewed: 12 Dec 2019 2:04pm