LED streetlight replacement

We are continuing to update our city's streetlights with LED lights. The replacement of most of Hamilton's streetlights will result in lower maintenance and more efficient LED bulbs. You might remember we upgraded 13,000 lights in 2017-2019. We are set to complete our fourth and final stage of our LED upgrades, which is due to start in January 2021.

The project is part of a nation-wide initiative supported by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and will bring substantial savings to the city. Hamilton City Council's contribution will pay for itself in the next few years through considerable cost savings in maintenance and power consumption.

We have installed 'warm white' LED bulbs which are less harsh on the eyes, reduce spill over glare into houses and are considered better for nocturnal animals. Testing shows the light levels are at least as good as before but with less of a diffused glow. 

The project focuses on lamp replacement, rather than installing new poles and lamps. The new lamps are a bespoke design and will be colour matched to the existing poles in the street.

Waste minimisation is a priority for us and specialised recyclers ensure disposal of the old lights will have no impact on landfill. Aluminium components are recycled into ingots for foundry applications, while glass is separated and recycled into glass wool for home insulation. 

This project is being delivered by our Infrastructure Alliance team and a joint purchasing agreement with Waikato District Council has provided further economies.  


  • ​Early-mid 2019 - replacement of under-verandah lights in the central city
  • From late 2020 - replacement of decorative street lights

Here's photos of some Hamilton streets showing lighting before LED lights were installed and after installation. Note the clearer warm white colour with reduced spillover and light pollution.

A​yrshire Dr

​Anglesea St

Wairere Dr​

Read the LED streetlight FAQs here
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