Central city LED under-verandah streetlights FAQs

​​​​From mid-January 2019 Hamilton City Council will be installing LED lights under the verandahs of businesses and shops in the central city between London and Hood Sts, and Anglesea St to the river paths.

This will improve safety for people and property, as well as creating a more attractive space through consistent lighting across the central city area. It will also see a number of outages and historic faults fixed, and align the operation of the lights with the city-wide streetlight operating times.  

The following FAQs provide information for central city businesses.

When will the LED lights be installed and how long will it take to install them under the verandah outside my business?

LED lights are being installed in the central city (London to Hood Sts and Anglesea St to the river paths) from late this year/early 2019 through to April 2019. We'll be working Monday-Friday during business hours and expect to have the work completed in front of your shop/business within four hours, but this will vary depending on the verandah set-up and number of lights. We'll do our best to avoid particularly busy times of the day for your business.

Who is doing this work?

The Council's Infrastructure Alliance group. They have experience in this having recently upgraded the under-verandah lights in Huntly and Ngaruawahia, and are carrying out installation of LED streetlights across the city.

Why is this work being done?

More efficient and lower maintenance LED streetlights are being progressively rolled out across the whole city. Many under-verandah lights are not working, are too old, or look untidy. They will improve safety for people and property, support the network of City Safe cameras and help make a more attractive central city through consistent lighting. The work will also ensure the power supply is connected to other streetlights, so they turn on and off together.

What will the LED lights and fittings look like?

You can view them under the verandah in front of some Worley Pl businesses, including Gail's Floral Studio, where they have already been installed. We will try and use the same location as existing lights so any holes are covered, and ensure conduits/cables are hidden and kept to a minimum. We will do our best to colour match paint for the cables to your verandah, or you can you provide paint for us to use.

​Once installed when will the lights be operational?

The lights will then all be connected to the wider street lighting circuit. This will ensure the lights operate every day, and for around 11.5hrs per day.  On and off times will automatically adjust based on the time of the year and amount of daylight, and will operate at the same time as streetlights. 

Can the lights which will be installed be modified?

Although the verandahs are owned by businesses, the Council-owned lights are there to ensure safety and consistency in our central city. They complement our City Safe cameras, provide road and personal safety, and have an aesthetic value. The lights meet required electrical standards and produce a certain amount of lux (light) to meet required national specifications and standards.

What if lighting is already in place?

We will try to leave any lighting currently in place alone and operational, however in some circumstances we may need to work with you and your electrician to come to a solution.

Who is paying for this work?

Hamilton City Council as part of our city-wide LED upgrade will cover this cost. Power costs will also be covered by the Council once all the connections are made to the wider network. We will work closely with businesses on installation, however if particular requests are significantly outside of the project scope we will likely look at a cost share arrangement. The upgrade to LED lights will reduce power and maintenance costs to the city, bringing savings over the life of the lights.

Will any other work be done at the same time?

As part of this upgrade we will need to redirect some power supplies, and this may mean we need to dig up some of the footpath. We will ensure there is footpath access to businesses, and liaise with you around this work and timing.

Who can I contact to talk about this?

If you need more information or have any questions please:

  • Contact Infrastructure Alliance Under-Verandah Project Manager Matt Wood ph 850 6640 or 021 847840.​ 
Page reviewed: 19 Oct 2018 1:17pm