Road Maintenance

State Highway roads

Hamilton City has the following State Highways running through it:

  • SH 1 (Ngaruawahia to Cambridge)
  • SH 3 (Hamilton to Te Awamutu)
  • SH 23 (Hamilton to Raglan)
  • SH 26 (Hamilton to Morrinsville)

These roads are under the control of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) which is responsible for all maintenance and operational aspects of the roadway (i.e. between the kerblines). However, Council is still responsible for the amenity aspects of the State Highways. This includes the footpaths, landscaping and litter control, and management of traffic signals.

For the day-to-day management of the State Highways enquiries should be directed to Fulton Hogan, phone 07 847 5127.

Kerb and channel

The primary purpose of kerb and channelling is to control stormwater off the road and direct it into the stormwater system via catch pits or drainage sumps. The kerbing also helps to define the edge of the road and provides a neat interface between the roadway and the verge. The channelling is regularly swept to keep it free of litter that might interfere with the stormwater flows. 

Sweeping and cleaning of roads

Council is keen to ensure that the city is looking its best at all times and a key component to achieving this is to have our road free of litter, debris (e.g. glass) and leaves.

If you find any litter, leaves, glass or even any unpleasant messes (e.g. dead animals) on the road, please use the online feedback form to arrange for this to be cleaned up.

In the autumn, we are kept very busy picking up the leaves that fall from the many deciduous trees throughout the city. We do endeavour to keep the roads and kerb lines free of leaves, but it is a big job. 

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If you have seen flooding occurring on the road, please ring the Council immediately and a contractor will be sent to clear the drains and make sure the water gets away. If the flooding is encroaching or might encroach into private property, or is a danger to traffic please let the operator know and the work will be given a high priority.

If the problem is an on-going one please contact us and we will arrange for further investigation and any improvements or remedial work that is necessary.

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