Speed Limits

Hamilton City Council sets the speed limits for city roads, and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) sets them for the state highways.

For further information about the things that are taken into account when setting speed limits and how they are determined, please refer to the brochure below. 

40km/h School Speed Zones

Hamilton City has a number of variable speed limits outside schools – which are set up to lower the speed limit to 40km/h at key times during the day when there area has children walking to and from school.

The electronic signage is activated by the school, and creates a legal speed limit that will be enforced by the NZ Police.

Traffic calming and Safer Speed Areas

We often get complaints from residents about the speed that some drivers travel through their streets.  Part of the problem is that some of Hamilton's arterial roads are getting congested and people are seeking other ways around the trouble spots. By definition these people are in a hurry and therefore are inclined to speed.

Council recognised that this is a big issue for Hamilton and undertook a project called Safer Speed Areas. Check out the webpage here.

Safer Speed Areas are a group of residential streets that have a 40km/h speed limit in place. This approach is now being used instead of the traditional Traffic Calming as they are more cost effective, and deal with all of the residential streets in the area, rather than just one or two – which often just moves the problem to the next street.

In February 2014 Council resolved to not introduce any additional speed limit change proposals beyond the areas that were brought in on 1 March 2014, until a review of the Speed Management Policy is completed. This review will make use of emerging guidance being developed at a national level on road classification and speed limits. More information on the national Safe Speeds Programme, including updates on the progress of the national speed management programme, is available on Safer Journeys.

More information on these can be found on the following website www.saferspeed​a​rea.org.nz and you can register your interest in having your street considered for a Safer Speed Area via this website also. Alternatively you can contact Hamilton City Council on 07 838 6699. 

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