Street Lights

​​Council operates a network of streetlights throughout the urban area and areas in the CBD. Most of the lights are high pressure sodium lamps. These are the common orange/yellow lights that can be seen in most streets. They are very efficient light source but the colour does affect how we see things and some objects may be more difficult to discern than others. LED lights are now becoming a viable option for street lighting. These lights have low energy use and a long life which reduces operating costs. They also produce a very white light which improves colour rendition and the effectiveness of the lighting. Several streets in Hamilton now use these lights, for example Ryan Ave and Enderley Ave. 

Streetlights are maintained and serviced by Council contractors. They check main roads regularly and repair faults and we also rely on residents to report faults in residential areas. If a light near you is not working please contact Council and we will arrange for a contractor to repair it. Please give a good description of the location of the light, such as a street address, and a description of the problem as the contractor sometimes will repair it during the day when the lights are not going, and will not be able to see what is wrong.

Typically a repair can take up to 2 -3 weeks depending on the fault and its priority e.g. accident damage, etc.

If the light is on a State Highway please contact Fulton Hogan on 847 5127.

The cables that supply the street lights and the equipment that switches them on and off are owned and maintained by WEL Networks and queries about cables should be directed to WEL Networks. If lights are out you can tell if it's a cable fault usually by a block of lights (more than 2 or 3) being out, rather than just an individual one.

Council has a programme to upgrade street lighting in older parts of the City to the latest standards. If the lights in your street are working but you feel there are not enough of them or it's not as well lit as it should be, then please contact the Council to log a request for upgrade work. Funds for this work are limited and there are a lot of streets requiring work so the programme has to be carefully prioritised.

Lights in private lanes or right of ways are owned by the adjacent properties. Power and repair charges are the responsibility of the property owners. You will need to contact an electrical contractor for assistance.

Page reviewed: 19 Nov 2020 4:38pm