Through Truck Movements

​​Council's Hamilton Traffic Bylaw 2015 regulates the movement of trucks through the city. Section 16 - Heavy Traffic Prohibitions in the Traffic Bylaw 2015 focuses on minimising the impact of truck activity on all city roads including residential and local roads.

What this means

If a heavy motor vehicle (truck) has business inside the city boundary or is making a delivery to a location inside the city boundary then they are able to use any road in Hamilton to make deliveries.

If the truck has business outside the city boundary and is passing through the city then it must stay on the State Highway network.

Council actively encourages any trucks with business within the city to use the arterial and collector roads network.

Who can enforce

Hamilton City Council Parking Wardens can only enforce our Bylaws for stationary vehicles. CVIU (Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit), a division of the NZ Police, enforces the Bylaw and have the right to pull over trucks and inspect the following aspects:

  • Driving hours and logbooks
  • Road user charges
  • Road and bridge weight limits
  • Vehicle fitness
  • Transport licensing
  • Vehicle and load dimensions
  • Vehicle axial loading
  • Load security
  • Engine braking
Page reviewed: 12 Dec 2019 1:55pm