Vehicle Entrances - Maintaining and Installing

​​​​The Council ensures that vehicle entrances are constructed to appropriate standards and in safe locations. However any improvements and maintenance to it are the property owner's responsibility.

So that Council can be sure that the crossing is correctly sited and constructed you will need to fill in a Vehicle Entrance Application (PDF, 986KB) and pay the required fee. If the widening or relocation is part of a building project then this application may be included in the building application. As part of this application you will be required to submit a Corridor Access Request

The forms can also be obtained from the Ground Floor of the Council Building.

The District Plan has rules governing the location and width of crossings that must be followed. If your proposal falls outside what is permitted by the District Plan you may be able to apply for a Resource Consent for a variation. Contact the Planning Guidance Unit for help with this. Once your application is approved you can arrange for a contractor to do the work to Council's standards.

No alteration to the line or level of the footpath is allowed. Your driveway and garage floor level should be designed to tie into the existing verge levels at the boundary.

If your car scrapes when you go over your vehicle crossing as a result of work completed by the city Council, please ring 07 850 6640 or email the City Transportation Alliance and an inspector will call to assess your problem and decide on any work that is needed. This type of problem can be difficult to solve but some improvements may be possible.

If a new or altered driveway, or entrance to a site will impact on parking bays, "No Stopping" restrictions, bus stops or other restrictions you will need to clearly identify this on your application and Corridor Access Request to arrange for changes that will be needed. Because these are legal restrictions the changes need to be approved by Council. You will need to allow at least two months for staff to investigate and report on the problems, for the proposal to be submitted to a Council meeting and for the changes to be implemented. Council contractors will do any changes to the signage and road marking that may be needed.

Similarly if your entranceway will conflict with a streetlight, street tree, planting area or anything else on the berm contact the City Transportation Alliance early to see if these items can be relocated. All work involved will be at your cost.

You may have a rural property with a culvert pipe under your vehicle crossing. It is also your responsibility to ensure the pipe is kept clear and does not cause a flooding nuisance.

Vehicle Entrance Standards

Technical standards for vehicle entrances can be found in the Infrastructure Technical Specifications, as follows:

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