Verge Maintenance

​​​Mowing verges and weed spraying

The grass berms and verges alongside roads are on Council owned land, however Council requests residents mow the grass berms outside their homes and businesses. This helps to reduce Council costs and we hope that people will take pride in the appearance of their neighbourhood properties. 

Please read  Streetscape Beautification and Verge Maintenance Policy for more information.

In order to maintain the appearance and life of the various roading assets, weeds need to be controlled. Argichemicals are generally used as the most cost effective way of control and in accordance with appropriate rules and regulations. 

The Council is appreciative of efforts of residents who maintain their own frontages so that little or no spraying is needed.  

We have a register of residents throughout the city who do not wish to have any spraying undertaken on their street frontages. If you wish to be added to the ‘no spray’ list please click here.

Overhanging vegetation

Trees and flowers are great, but footpaths are for people. Please keep any trees, shrubs and plants on your boundary or overhanging the road clear of the footpath so that pedestrians can use the path safely.

The graphic below illustrates the area that needs to be maintained.

Footpath and verges image.jpg 

The area above the footpath to a height of 2.4m needs to be kept clear of overgrowth from trees, low shrubs, vines and hedges.

Council inspects all footpaths in the city annually checking for overgrowth. Street trees are trimmed as needed and brochures are left with residents where vegetation is encroaching from private property requesting their assistance to keep the footpaths available for all to enjoy.

In extreme cases Council can serve notice on offending property owners or remove the vegetation and recover costs.

Verge planting

In some situations Council will allow residents to plant the berm with conditions, including that the resident takes full responsibility for on-going ma​intenance and either ensures that subsequent owners take over that responsibility or that the verge is returned to grass when the property is sold.  Written applications to plant berms should be sent to City Transportation. Read the  Streetscape Beautification and Verge Maintenance Policy​ for more information.

Page reviewed: 24 Mar 2017 2:23pm