Bus Lanes

​​​​​​Hamilton has three bus lanes – on Anzac Pde, Anglesea St, and Hukanui Rd. They're there to give buses and their passengers priority, so people using public transport can get around the city more easily and with less traffic related delays.

What is a bus lane?
It's a lane reserved by a road marking or sign, and is for the use of buses.

What else can use bus lanes?
Bikes, motorbikes and mopeds can also use a bus lane during its operating hours. Emergency vehicles can also use them during an emergency. Vehicles are not allowed on a bus lane when it is active, but can use the lane and any parking spaces outside those hours.

Where are Hamilton's bus lanes and when do they operate?

  • ​Anzac Pde (from Anglesea St to Victoria St) – Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6.30pm
  • Anglesea St (from Knox St to Anzac Pde) – Monday to Friday, 4pm to 6pm
  • Hukanui Rd (from Elmira Ave to Kensington Pl) – Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 9am

Can you park in bus lanes?
Yes, but only outside of the bus lane hours.

How can you tell where the bus lane is?
All bus lanes are indicated by signage, and the Anzac Pde bus lane has red line marking painted on the road.

Why do we have bus lanes?
Our city's three bus lanes support people who choose to take public transport so they can move around the city more easily and freely by reducing delays. They support Access Hamilton goals of transport choice and easing congestion.

The Anzac Pde bus lane gives priority to buses which travel down it and through the intersection on to Victoria Bridge. Five Busit bus routes use this bus lane.

The Anglesea St and Hukanui Rd bus lanes operate at peak times to give buses and their passengers priority when roads are particularly busy.

What happens if vehicles use or park in bus lanes when they are operating?
The vehicle could be ticketed or towed.

Page reviewed: 13 Jun 2018 1:49pm