Halve your fuel bill by carpooling!

Let's Carpool


Let's Carpool, the award winning national carpooling scheme, makes it easy to find other commuters in your area. To register go to Then start planning what to do with the money you'll save by carpooling!

Carpooling is a great sustainable transport option for commuters who drive into Hamilton from satellite towns like Cambridge or Te Awamutu. If you're thinking of carpooling but have some questions then check out the Let's Carpool FAQs for answers.

Part of the vision of Access Hamilton is to minimise single occupancy car trips that contribute to congestion, parking problems and undesirable environmental impacts.

Choosing to carpool one, two or even five days a week means fewer cars on our roads, more money in your pocket and you might even make some new friends!


Page reviewed: 24 Feb 2015 3:46pm