Happy Feet Programme

Happy Feet is a fun and active transport preschool programme targeting 3-5 year olds. The programme involves walking, scooting or triking the last 2-5 minutes of the journey.

Kids love Happy Feet! 

Happy Feet aims to:

  • Promote 'active trips' to preschool as a safe, healthy and enjoyable transport option
  • Help shape a healthier active future generation
  • Raise an early awareness of the Walking School Bus programme
  • Ease congestion at preschool gates
  • Improve safety on the roads
  • Help reduce air pollution

How it works

  • Every child is given a 'ticket' to put on their preschool bag
  • Every Happy Feet trip to and from preschool is acknowledged with a 'clip'
  • Every 10 'clips' are recognised with a sticker on the progress chart and a balloon to take home
  • Every full ticket is recognised with a Happy Feet collectable, e.g. a badge or bag tag
  • The second full ticket is recognised with a painted foot print on the 'Walk of Fame'
  • The third full ticket is recognised with a painted foot print to take home for framing


  • Promotes sustainable travel habits
  • Incorporates regular exercise into daily travel
  • Encourages road safety awareness
  • Children arrive at preschool refreshed and ready to go
  • Provides child and the parent with a quality time opportunity
  • It's fun!

What people say about Happy Feet

"Relaxing and enjoyable to walk together without rushing somewhere"

"During the walk we discuss what we see, e.g. autumn leaves, friendly dog over the fence, large lawn mowing tractor. Occasionally we are able to chat to other children and caregivers walking the route"

"Good time with child, see new things like flowers, hear birds, things not normally seen in the car"

"The kids feel important - good time to reflect on their day at kindy"

"My child loves the excitement of getting clicks and then stickers. I love finding a small opportunity to exercise!"

 To get this programme started at your pre-school email us at info@hcc.g​ovt.nz
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