Personal Hire Devices

​​​​E-scooters are here to share.

What are e-scoote​rs?​

E-scooters are electric powered kick scooters.  They typically have two small hard wheels, an aluminium body with a long steering handle and are generally fitted with some sort of braking and suspension systems.  They offer an environmentally friendly alternative form of personal transportation and have increased in popularity due to ride sharing companies such as Lime.​

Some tips for riding an e-scooter:

  • Be aware – watch for car doors opening, potholes, pedestrians and check for left turning vehicles. Also, be aware that it will take some time to stop if you are going downhill.
  • Be predictable – maintain a straight line and use the bell as the e-scooters are silent.
  • Be seen – make sure the front and rear lights are working, make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians and watch out for blind zones such as parked cars and corners.
  • Be patient – slow down near parked or queued vehicles, give way to pedestrians, pass slowly and ride with courtesy.
  • Be prepared – it is recommended to wear a helmet and check the scooter before setting off. Become familiar with the brakes and the small wheel size. Ensure you have enough room to safely stop suddenly.
  • E-scooters can be ridden on the footpath, shared paths and roadways.

On the footpath you must:

  • Be careful and considerate and ride the scooters at a speed that doesn't put other people on the footpath at risk.
  • Give way to both pedestrians and people on mobility devices.
On the road you must:
  • Operate the e-scooter as near as practicable to the edge of the roadway.
  • Operate the e-scooter at a speed that is safe and does not exceed the road speed limit in a given area.
  • Not operate the e-scooter in designated cycle lanes.

Parking e-scooters

E-scooter users must be mindful when parking and take into consideration other footpath and street users including those that have some disability such as visual impairment.  E-scooters should always be parked upright, close to the kerb edge and ideally where lamp posts, signs or rubbish bins are usually placed to keep the area safe for everyone.


  • Do not block footpaths, pedestrian crossings or bus stops
  • Do not block driveways or entrance ways
  • Do not park against fences, buildings or on private property
  • Do not park on footpaths that are narrow or on the road
  • Do not park in a place where the e-scooter could pose a safety hazard

E-scooter safety

Safety is paramount when operating an e-scooter.  It is recommended to wear a safety helmet and reflective clothing when using an e-scooter, however it is not legally required.

Here are some helpful tips to take into consideration:

  • If you have provided your own safety helmet and reflective clothing, check that they are fitted properly.
  • Pre-ride check (check the chassis and tyres, check that the brakes and lights work).
  • Be alert for any road surface, animal, other road users and weather hazards.  A thorough list can be found here at the NZTA website.
  • Obey all traffic laws and be aware of turning vehicles.
  • Use proper hand signals which can be found here at the NZTA website.
  • Be aware of the time and distance it takes to safely stop the e-scooter especially when going downhill.
  • Remember to use the bell to warn other footpath or road users as the e-scooters are silent.

​Still have questions?

Where can I travel on my e-scooter?

Anywhere within Hamilton City
Can I travel from central city to the suburbs?

Are there any places off limits to e-scooters?

The licence conditions require operators to be able set electronic boundaries (geo-fencing) for where the scooters can't be ridden.   We are using the 6-month trial period to determine if there are areas that need to be geo-fenced so that hired e-scooters can't be ridden in them – but are promoting safety as the best solution. 

Riding in parks or reserves?

E-scooters are allowed in some parks but there are speed limits in place to ensure everyone's safety.

People should let us know if they're seen in other areas of a park or they should be redirected to areas where they're allowed.

​​Can I ride on the road on e-scooters?

E-scooters can be ridden on the footpath, shared paths and roadways. On the road e-scooters must be operated as near as practicable to the edge of the roadway.

How fast can people go? What is the speed limit?

There are a few areas in the central city area where there are high numbers of pedestrians that the speed will be limited to 15km/h.  This lower limit also applies in Parks and at Hamilton Gardens.

How many e-scooters will be on the streets of Hamilton?

​We have just approved 600 LIME e-scooters which will be available for hire around the central city and suburbs, but there may be more in the future as we work with other operators wanting to come to the city.

Is there an age limit to use e-scooters?

You must be 18 years and over to use one of e-scooters around the city.

What do I do if I get hurt while riding an e-scooter?

You should ensure that you are safe and get whatever treatment you need.  Then let the operator know what happened.

Do I need to wear a helmet on an e-scooter?​

Helmets are not provided but riders are strongly encouraged to wear one. All scooters come with front and rear lights.

Will council provide helmets for e-scooters?

No. Helmets are not provided but riders are strongly encouraged to wear one. All scooters come with front and rear lights.​​

How many people can go on an e-scooter at any one time?

One is the recommendation – to keep everyone safe and to ensure that you can have good control of your e-scooter.

What do I do If I see people being unsafe on an e-scooter?

Each e-scooter is required to have a visible identification number on it.  If the device is being used in an unsafe manner the matter can be reported to the 24-hour contact number of the operator or alternatively reported to City Safe on 0800 723 324.

​We encourage people to call the Operator if they see a scooter restricting pedestrian access to the footpath or a building. When the Operator is notified of an incorrectly parked scooter, they are expected to fix it within two hours. Refer to the list of approved operators for Hamilton City for contact details

How do the​​y operate?

This is up to each operator – but generally via a smart phone application which will need to get your personal and payment details initially. 

​The Lime smartphone ​app is needed to use the LIME e-scooters - instructions are on the scooters.

Who do I contact if my e-scooter malfunctions?

Each operator will have key contact details on the scooter.  Refer to the list of approved operators for Hamilton City for contact details

​The Lime smartphone app (link to external website, new window) is needed to use the scooters - instructions are on the scooters.

We are now accepting applications for a Permit to Operate (Personal Hire Devices) from prospective operators between Wednesday 5 and Wednesday 19 May 2021.
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