School Travel Planning

​​A School Travel Plan encourages the school community to think about how they get to school, weaving some exercise into their journey and avoiding traffic congestion around the school area.

To help our local schools build safe, sustainable and healthy journeys to school, Hamilton City Council's School Travel Planner can work with your school to establish School Travel Planning. 

The focus is on facilitating your school to implement practical programmes and increase the proportion of families who use alternative means of transport to get to school, such as walking, cycling, carpooling or taking the bus. 

Support is available for your school through the process of creating the plan and developing working solutions.​​

Road safety around schools, that's magic!

 Safer parking around schools A3 poster
 Safer parking around schools A4 poster​​

Issues addressed by School Travel Planning

Cycling and scootering

  • Cycle skills
  • Bicycle and scooter parking


Results of too much car use, such as...

  • Congestion outside schools
  • Illegal parking
  • Less health benefits
  • Dangerous driving and parking behaviours outside the school gates
We can assist you in developing a travel plan. Please contact info@hcc.​

If you need to report a defect with your school crossing please download and email us your completed School Crossing Defect Form (PDF, 349KB). 

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