​Sharrows (meaning "share arrows") are a road marking in the form of a cycle symbol with two arrows above it. They will be progressively introduced to Hamilton and first appeared on Claudelands Road in October 2019 and have recently been installed on Victoria Street between Claudelands Road and Hood Street.

What is their purpose?

Sharrows tell people on bikes where on the road it is safest for them to ride - often in the middle of the lane.  This is so they can be most visible and/or avoid hazards like car doors.

What sorts of roads are they suited for?

They are designed for use in slow speed environments like Claudelands Road - which now has a speed limit of 30km/h between Grey Street and Victoria Street - where it is too narrow and/or dangerous for a vehicle and a bike to comfortably travel side-by-side.

Do other cities use them?


Sharrows are an internationally recognised road symbol and have been successfully adopted by many other cities across New Zealand following an extensive trial in 2014 led by the New Zealand Transport Agency. They are an additional 'toolbox' measure to help in the design of cycling infrastructure and have shown to improve way finding and awareness of cyclist routes. 

What do I need to do when I come across sharrows on Claudelands Road?

​​​​People on bikes:

Claim the lane! This means positioning yourself in the middle of the traffic lane and not on the shoulder of the road.


Slow down and expect to see people riding further out in the traffic lane. Remember to be patient and only overtake them when they have moved back to the left.

Page reviewed: 15 Apr 2021 10:09am