Use your head, stop on red


Make sure you stop safely at red lights when you're travelling around Hamilton this summer.

'Use your head, stop on red' is the message the Council is reinforcing, in conjunction with NZ Police.  The road safety campaign will highlight the importance of stopping safely for red lights and not taking the risk of entering intersections on a yellow light.  ​

The Use Your Head, Stop on Red campaign is supported by specific funding available for the Council to educate the public on road safety within the city.

​Be a safe driver and remember these red light rules:​​

Stop on a yellow light if you’re able to safely do so.​

A yellow light doesn’t mean speed up, it means safely stop.​

Only enter an intersection when there is a clear path through.
Otherwise you may block the intersection when the light turns red.​

Click here to download a pdf version of the above information (PDF, 226KB)

Page reviewed: 12 Dec 2019 1:21pm