Workplace Travel Planning

Workplace Travel Planning is a tool organisations can use to look at all the travel generated by their business. Used effectively it can engage and encourage employees to achieve a shift away from car commutes towards more sustainable commutes that are done by bike, on foot, by bus or in a carpool.

Benefits of Workplace Travel Planning

Solve parking and space problems

Workplace travel plans can reduce pressure for car parking, enabling the space to be used for other purposes. It may be that you are relocating and won’t have as many parks available, or that you’d like to reduce the cost of renting or maintaining your car parks.

Provide real cost savings to your company

Many companies don’t realise how much money they spend annually on travel related expenditure, such as fleet fuel costs, company cars, other workplace related travel and car park expenses. By analysing your travel patterns, you may identify areas where your workplace can save money.

Improve your company’s image

Being perceived as environmentally friendly will improve your company’s image and make it more attractive to customers and shareholders. It will also make it more attractive to present to future employees as a good place to work.

Increase opportunities for accessing your workplace

You may be able to draw from a wider pool of labour if your workplace is more easily accessible by means other than by car.

Promote a healthier and more motivated workforce

Studies show people who walk or cycle to work are more alert and less stressed when they arrive than their colleagues who drive. In addition, the more physically active your staff become, the fewer sick days they may take. This can help increase your company’s productivity.

Gain environmental/sustainability accreditation

Having a travel plan can help your company gain environmental accreditation for schemes such as ISO 14001. It’s also an excellent practical step in your sustainability programme and works well for those doing triple bottom line reports.

The City Transportation Unit can assist you with resources, information and support​ through this process. 
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