Transport Choices and Road Safety

​​​​​​​​​​​​What's your transport choice?

The purpose of Access Hamilton is to meet the changing travel demands of the city by providing an affordable, safe, responsive and sustainable transport system. We want Hamilton to be a city where it's safe and easy to get around.

In our unique urban setting, the distances travelled by people in cars are generally short and can easily be changed to active modes of travel.

You can also read about our current programme of safety and access improvement works supporting walking, cycling and public transport.

Latest campaign

Mix it up at school pickup

​Schools in Hamilton face the same re-occurring problems when it comes to the issues around their school gates. Congestion, speed, poor parking and general bad driving behaviour seem to intensify out the front of school gates at drop off and pickup times across Hamilton.

The Council has put infrastructure in place to make the areas as safe as possible, however every day we are seeing the same bad driver behaviour happening over and over again.

Be a 3pm superhero and mix it up at school pickup. Why not try alternative transport options:

  • Park down the road or around the corner away from the busy school gate
  • Walk, bike and scooter at least once or twice a week
  • Carpool with families in your area

Let's keep our kids safe.​

Page reviewed: 25 Feb 2019 10:10am