Livestock Movement Permits and Stock Underpasses

​​​​​Traffic Bylaw 2012 (Clause 17) (PDF, 2.57MB) prohibits the movement of livestock on any road within the city other than in a vehicle. This is aimed at protecting the safety of all road users, as well as protecting the road surface and council structures and utilities contained within the road reserve, and:

  • Prevents roads being used as races
  • Minimises inconvenience, nuisance and potential danger to all road users
  • Minimises impact on the environment

At grade stock crossings and other livestock movements on the city roads will be required to meet strict safety standards by way of an approved permit. Crossings will be monitored regularly for compliance with permit conditions.

Livestock Movement Permit

This type of permit is required when a farmer needs to take stock directly across the road on a regular basis (once a month or more often).

The permit will be monitored regularly for compliance with the permit conditions.

Council will work with farmers, who regularly use Council roads to move stock from one part of their farm to another, to investigate other more suitable methods such as constructing internal farm races or installing a crossing or underpass.

Stock crossings which are at-grade may require stock mats, temporary warning signs or other road safety and road asset protection devices which shall be supplied, installed and maintained at the cost of the property owner.

Stock Underpass

It is sometimes necessary to remove at grade stock crossings and have them replaced with stock underpasses.

Council actively encourages the installation of stock underpasses to address road safety and environmental issues, through its Stock Movement Prohibition (Traffic Bylaw 2007, Clause 19).

Funding assistance for stock underpass installation may be available from the city and will be prioritised within the existing Minor Traffic Improvement budget (or equivalent).

An underpass application must be submitted on the Application for Stock Underpass form which includes building consent, PIM, and engineering and subsidy information. Applications must include all information, plans and other documents requested by the Council. The application form must be signed by the owner.

Please refer to the Stock Movement Prohibition (Traffic Bylaw 2007, Clause 19) and Livestock Movement and Stock Underpass Policy for further information. 

Page reviewed: 19 Aug 2016 11:15am