Use of Footpath Space

Hamilton City Council is committed to ensuring a safe environment for the general public and promoting safe site work practices. This commitment is reliant on co-operation from all those involved in building, developments and minor works.

As a builder, developer or contractor what are your obligations in providing a safe footpath and space outside your work area?

The footpath and berm adjacent to the site is not part of the construction/work site. As part of your construction or minor works process you must maintain safe and unimpeded access for the public along the footpath or public space at all times.

To do this you must be able to comply with the following:

  • Ensure that the footpath is safe and usable by pedestrians, particularly for pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Minimum footpath widths of 1.2m urban and 1.7m CBD must be maintained at all times.  
  • Separate pedestrians from your working space by placing cones and cone bars, as a minimum, around your work area.
  • Ensure that vehicles do not use any of the footpath or berm to park or load.
  • Ensure that no heavy or large machinery is used in any part of the footpath area, e.g. cranes, diggers, etc.
  • Ensure that no excavation occurs (i.e. digging) in any part of the footpath.
  • Ensure that the duration of work that requires use of this space is no more than 2 or 3 days.
  • Ensure that no overhead structural work occurs in any part of the public space or footpath   
  • Make sure that vehicles needing to cross the footpath and berm to access the site do not damage anything or create a health and safety issue.

If you can comply with these requirements then you do not need a Corridor Access request or Temporary Traffic Management Plan.

If you have considered all other options and you can't meet the criteria then you must apply for a Corridor Access Request. You will need to upload a plan of the work and how you intend to cater for pedestrians in accordance with the code of temporary traffic management.

This may mean you will need to employ a Traffic Management company or have a suitably qualified person prepare and implement this for you.

Page reviewed: 19 Mar 2015 10:38am