Safer Roads for All

​Safer roads, safer speeds Hamilton

We want to make sure our roads are as safe as possible... and to do this we need your help.

Go to ​Safer roads, safer speeds Hamilton to read our ideas and tell us what you think about our ideas to manage speed and improve roads in Hamilton, and to tell us where you think speeds are inappropriate.

We’re also going to be out and about talking with you, and have a display and maps for you to give feedback at Glenview, Chartwell and Hillcrest libraries.

Treats in the Park - Western Community CentreWednesday 31 October4pm to 8pm
Gourmet in the Gardens - Hamilton GardensSunday 25 November4pm to 8pm

Locals know local roads

As part of our on-going commitment in understanding road risk and improving roads in Hamilton we're engaging with the community on safer roads for all.  We want to understand what our local community thinks about their streets and have a discussion about how we can make them safer - including​​ looking at how we manage speed on our streets.​

Locals know local roads and we'd like to ensure that changes we think will improve safety make sense and are consistent with the way we use our roads for all our activities, such as driving, riding a bike, walking and more.

You can also find more information related to modes of transport and road safety here: ​​Transport Choices and Road Safety​

Latest campaign

Here's our latest campaign which aims to raise awareness of the role we all have to play in road safety. There's many different people moving around on the city's streets and roads for all sorts of reasons, whether it's to go to school, work, shopping or for some exercise. We need to work together to make sure they get there safely and understand that speed plays a part in their safety.

From 18 wheelers to 2 wheelers |  Safer roads for alll         From little scooters to big scooters | Safer roads for all

Road safety and speed management

Want to know more about speed management? Read our Myths and FAQs about speed

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