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WARNING: Levels, locations and dimensions of traffic signal equipment and cabling or water, wastewater and stormwater works shown on these plans may not be accurate due to circumstances not notified to Council. A physical check should be made on all levels, locations, and dimensions before starting design or works.
Contact Hamilton City Council, phone (07) 838 6699


This search provides service connection information for the following areas in Hamilton:

Service​ Approx % Captured ​ Areas​
Water​ 50%​ New Subdivisions
Northern half of city
Temple View​
Wastewater ​ 5%​ New Subdivisions
Stormwater​ 5%​ New Subdivisions


  • Please cross-reference this information against the actual maps as they show all connection locations.
  • Boundary references are given from the street facing towards the property.
  • If the requested connection information is recent and is not found please refer to Subdivision As builts which are not yet fully processed by Council.
  • Depths are in terms of Moturiki Datum.


NOTE: Searches are NOT case sensitive.

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