Report stormwater pollution

​​If you have information about pollution being spilled, dumped or discharged into the storm water network, which includes storm drains, ditches, swales, gully, streets, or directly into a water way then please call Hamilton City Council on 07 838 6699.

When contacting us, leave as much information as possible:
  • Date of Occurrence
  • Time of Occurrence
  • Location *
  • Source or type of pollution (if known)
  • Responsible party(if known)
  • Your Contact Information **
*   We cannot take reports for an incident outside our city limits
** It's helpful to have your information in case we need to follow up with you about the report


  • Foam, bubbles, or milky appearance in a gutter or water way
  • A strange odour coming from a stormwater drain
  • Spilled or dumped auto fluids (motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, fats, oils etc) or chemicals (paint, cleaners, etc) on the street or into a stormwater gutter.
  • Waste water piped to a stream or gutter.
  • Sediment flowing off a construction site.​
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