Stormwater guidelines

​​​​​Garden waste & Debris

​Garden waste and debris can cause significant water quality problems when it is blown or directed into the storm drainage system. Water quality problems can include algal blooms, aquatic weed growth, oxygen depletion, which can kill fish, and have significant  impact on the aquatic habitat. Waste, when the stormwater system is clogged with yard waste, it can cause street and property flooding.

Illegal Discharge

Ilegal discharge is anything that enters the storm drainage system which is not composed entirely of rainwater. The only allowable exceptions that can enter the drainage system include water from firefighting, and authorised planned water pipe flushing.

Land & Building Development

All land and building development must adopt a stormwater pollution plan that controls all construction site and post construction site run off.
Page reviewed: 04 Jul 2017 2:37pm