​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stormwater is the collection of naturally occurring water such as rain which has soaked into the ground or run off roads, car parks, roofs and paved/sealed outdoor areas into stormwater drains and then drains into waterways.

Stormwater connections

Hamilton City Council has a stormwater connections process that enables Council to manage the stormwater network. View Connections for further information on how to connect the stormwater system.
The City Waters Viewer has details and locations of stormwater and wastewater pipes and manholes.

Managing stormwater

Hamilton City Council is responsible for managing the network and providing for the safety of the community and our environment.

Stormwater and wastewater systems are very different.

  • Stormwater is uncontaminated and can be discharged directly to waterways.
  • Wastewater is contaminated and must be fully treated, to remove the contaminants, at the Wastewater Treatment Plant before being discharged.

It is very important that stormwater is not directed into the wastewater system, and that wastewater is not directed into the stormwater system as this can result in overloading of the wastewater system or untreated wastewater entering the environment. This can significantly affect public health, the system and the environment.  

Discharge of Stormwater

Discharge of stormwater into waterways is regulated by Waikato Regional Council. Hamilton City Council must have consent from the Waikato Regional Council to discharge stormwater into waterways. 

Hamilton City Council works closely with Waikato Regional Council to protect the greater Waikato water catchment. 

For any concerns regarding stormwater, please contact City Waters.

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