Trade Waste Regulations

The Hamilton Tradewaste and Wastewater Bylaw helps protect Hamilton’s Wastewater systems and the Waikato River by setting out everyone’s responsibilities in regards to Wastewater. 

It gives the Council authority to require actions are taken to ensure the natural environment, the health and safety of our community and our staff, the wastewater network and process are protected. 

Tradewaste Q&A

Why is council renewing the bylaw?
We are required by law to review and improve a bylaw every 10 years.

Why is a tradewaste consent needed?
To help protect the wastewater network, process, environment and health and safety of workers and the community.

What if I don’t hold a consent?
You will need to apply for a tradewaste consent​.

How do I know if I exceed the limits?
You will need to have your tradewaste discharge tested by an approved accredited laboratory. 

Does a pharmacy need consent to discharge?
Yes, pharmacies discharging per month, concentration and volumes less than below will be issued an approval notice, and pharmacies discharging volumes and concentrations greater than will be issued with a conditional consent.

Volume Limit Discharge​Concentration of product Active Ingredient
10 Litres125mg/5ml
5 Litres250mg/5ml
3 LitresGreater than 250mg/5ml

Do I need to reapply if I’m already a conditional consent holder?
No, your current consent and agreed limits is valid until its expiry date, then the new bylaw will apply. 

I want to make changes to my business do I need a consent?
If you are making changes that may impact on your discharge then you may need to apply for a variation to your consent. please contact shared services tradewaste for further information

I’m closing/selling my business do I need to notify?
Yes, you must let council know within 20 working days that you intend to close or sell your business or you maybe still liable for costs.

How much is tradewaste going to cost?
Please refer to the schedule of fees and charges, however with management and cleaner production techniques these cost can greatly be reduced.

What if my in ground grease trap is less then 500L?
You will need to contact the shared services to book a re-assessment  of the grease trap to make sure that it still meets the requirements under the new bylaw.

Permits & Consents

Tradewaste connections

Most business will be required to have a tradewaste consent. This is a written agreement or permit to discharge wastewater to the system.​

View our Trade Waste Applications page

Private Wastewater Connections

Hamilton City Council has a wastewater connections process that enables Council to manage the wastewater network. See Connections for information on how to connect to the Hamilton City Council Wastewater System.

Pollution Control Plan

Depending on the type of work to be carried out on site you may be required to have A Pollution Control plan. This is a written record detailing how you will manage the stormwater pollution risks from your site.

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