Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant is Hamilton's only wastewater treatment facility.

In order to ensure the plant meets the needs of the city, both now and into the future, an upgrade is required. It is envisaged that the Pukete 2 upgrade will provide for the quality, capacity and security of Hamilton’s wastewater treatment for the next 20 years. 


Provide a world class wastewater treatment plant that meets the needs of a growing city and incorporates effective environmental sustainability and continuous improvements at the lowest whole of life cost. 


Deliver a Wastewater Treatment Plant that:
  • Complies with the resource consents conditions
  • Ensure Wastewater Treatment Plant capacity to 2028 (Average Daily Flow 54ML/D)
  • Minimises negative impacts on the local community and Tangata Whenua
  • Delivers fit for purpose wastewater treatment system with n+1 redundancy
  • Maintains public health
  • Meets Council’s energy objectives
  • Physical works are undertaken to required quality, time and budget standards

Main Project Work Packages

  • Construction of 4th Clarifier
  • Construction of 4th Bioreactor
  • Construction of 3rd Mesophilic Digester
  • Improvements to existing Clarifiers, Bioreactors and Digesters
  • Increased UV Treatment capacity
  • Increased Interstage Pump capacity
  • Provision of Inlet Flow Monitoring
  • Provision of carbon source for Bioreactors
  • Provision for Phosphorous Removal
  • Improvements to Plant Automation
  • Improvements to Return Activated Sludge System
  • Improvements to Odour and Noise control systems & practices.

Investment/time period

The entire upgrade project has a budget of $24 million, with an estimated construction period of five years. 

Wastewater treatment plant history

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was built in 1975 as a Primary Treatment facility.

The plant underwent a major $28m upgrade commissioned in 2002 providing Secondary and Tertiary treatment. 

The 2002 upgrade was designed and built utilising a modular concept approach enabling future capacity/enhanced treatment upgrades to be added in the future.

The resource consent for the discharge of treated wastewater expired last year and a new resource consent has been granted for 20 years.

A Capacity Review of the plant was commissioned and completed by Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) in 2003 This outlined future requirements for the plant to ensure planning for future capacity and ongoing resource consent compliance.

The review was updated in March 2007 and also assessed the requirements of the then proposed new resource consent conditions.

It was out of this updated capacity review that the need for a plant upgrade was identified.​

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