Stormwater and wastewater services information

​Protecting our services

We need your help to prevent damage to our underground services which can result in road closures, evacuations, destroyed buildings, serious injuries and even fatalities.

The most common cause of damage to underground services is when a third party digs, blasts, or drills near an underground service without checking what’s there.

Works that often cause damage to our infrastructure include:

  • Fencing
  • Tree Planting
  • Drainage and ditching
  • Surface soil removal
  • Tree felling or transportation
  • Fires
  • Movement of heavy machinery
  • Tipping or stacking material over the infrastructure
  • Building construction including garage and garden features​

Don’t take chances — use the City Waters Viewer before you start working

City waters​ viewer​ is a mapping system that allows you to view geographic data and information about council water, storm water and wastewater infrastructure in Hamilton

The city waters viewer​ replaces the information previously located under services plans.

Because of the depth and placement of utility services can vary for a number of reasons, including erosion, pervious digging projects, and uneven surfaces, making assumptions about where the services pipes are under your property can be extremely dangerous.  Striking a single pipe can result in injury, significant repair costs, fines and inconvenient outages to you and your neighbours. 


Connections to the Hamilton City Water Supply are arranged through a Subdivision or Building Consent process. Applications for water connection, relocation, alteration or disconnection, can be found on our Connections page.

Digging around our services

Remember before carrying out any works that you have a pollution control plan in place and have taken all reasonable sediment control measures. Refer to our Stormwater pages.

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