Water Treatment

​​​​​​​​​​​Water is treated at the Hamilton City Council Water Treatment Plant. The core purpose of the Water Treatment Plant is to provide Hamilton with safe drinking water that meets water supply standards.

For more information on the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand, see Drinking Water - Ministry of Health.

Every second of every day, the Water Treatment Station produces an average of 2​,385 glasses of high quality water to over 50,500 homes and 5,500 commercial/industrial premises.

Treated water is pumped from the Water Treatment Station to Hamilton residents via a reticulated system which has a total storage capacity of approximately 89ML.

Water treatment process

Water undergoes a series of eight steps in the treatment process to ensure it is delivered to your taps at the highest quality possible.

For a full description and flow chart of the process see the Guide to Hamilton's Water Supply - River to the Tap (PDF, 852KB).

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